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The #PSPfit Story…

Last year I made the decision to shift my focus from “skinny” to “healthy”.

I had been hitting the gym with decent results, but then I invested in a Nutrition Coach and really began to pay attention to the what I put into my body. That’s when everything changed.

Working with Abra I began to understand that a Plus Size Princess with PCOS (like me) should replace her pre-packaged, 100 calorie processed meals with healthy hearty recipes made from real food. I learned exactly what I should be cooking to avoid the intense carb/sugar cravings that I battled daily. I learned that 80% of my healthy lifestyle was going to unfold in the kitchen.

When I changed my eating my acne disappeared, my eczema flare ups went away, my period became regular, my hair and nails started growing faster and as icing on the cake, I lost 55 pounds.


As I changed my eating habits, my body changed from the inside out and all I could think about was how I wished I could purchase $2,000 nutrition coaching packages for all of my readers struggling with health/weight/PCOS so that they could learn what I was learning. (Unfortunately, Sallie Mae snatches all of my extra money every month so that’s not possible). But I did ask Abra if she would consider creating 30 days of meal plans, grocery lists, recipes and nutrition lessons for a clean eating boot camp that made nutrition coaching super affordable (under $100) for any woman who wanted it and to my delight, Abra agreed! From there, #PSPfit bootcamp was born.

plus size fitness cece olisa free class