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The #PSPfit Story…

Last year I made the decision to shift my focus from “skinny” to “healthy”.

I had been hitting the gym with decent results, but then I invested in a Nutrition Coach and really began to pay attention to the what I put into my body. That’s when everything changed.

Working with Abra I began to understand that a Plus Size Princess with PCOS (like me) should replace her pre-packaged, 100 calorie processed meals with healthy hearty recipes made from real food. I learned exactly what I should be cooking to avoid the intense carb/sugar cravings that I battled daily. I learned that 80% of my healthy lifestyle was going to unfold in the kitchen.

When I changed my eating my acne disappeared, my eczema flare ups went away, my period became regular, my hair and nails started growing faster and as icing on the cake, I lost 55 pounds.


As I changed my eating habits, my body changed from the inside out and all I could think about was how I wished I could purchase $2,000 nutrition coaching packages for all of my readers struggling with health/weight/PCOS so that they could learn what I was learning. (Unfortunately, Sallie Mae snatches all of my extra money every month so that’s not possible). But I did ask Abra if she would consider creating 30 days of meal plans, grocery lists, recipes and nutrition lessons for a clean eating boot camp that made nutrition coaching super affordable (under $100) for any woman who wanted it and to my delight, Abra agreed! From there, #PSPfit bootcamp was born.

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#PSPfit is an online clean eating bootcamp. You can join from any city or any country– we have members around the world! Joining makes you part of an online community of supportive super star women that are ready to embrace healthy changes without shame, blame, or negativity. As we love our bodies through healthy living, our bodies tend to love us right back!

When you join #PSPfit you will receive professional nutrition and fitness coaching at a 95% discount.

Your #PSPfit coaches are top leaders in the wellness industry, who are gracious enough to spend a few weeks educating us on how to use clean eating and fitness as tools to become the healthiest versions of ourselves.

My favorite part of #PSPfit are the bootcamp babes who come together and support eachother on a journey towards Healthy Curves at Every Size. You can hear what that have to say about #PSPfit below!

Hi from Alaska . I’ve been a part of #pspfit since cycle 1 . I love the encourage we get from the group members , when CeCe keeps us honest with ourselves , the food choices and ideas that Abra provides us , and how my spirit lights up when I see the results . This is a great community to be a part of ! Welcome to all the newbies ! You’re going to have a blast !




Quick progress report: So I am down 10.8 pounds since the beginning of this thing. My skin is looking grrrreat. My energy levels have been way up. And the swelling in my ankle (that I always thought was normal after a day at work) is no more! If that’s not motivation enough, I don’t know what is!


#PSPfit Plus Size Princess Fitness Bootcamp Lane Bryant Active

When I first started #pspfit I barely knew how to cook toast. I was resistent and thought I would never 1) get it 2) find time 3) **most of all** enjoy it. I now enjoy my grocery store trips. I enjoy meal-prepping. I LOVE being able to make a meal that is healthy and supportive for my family. The best part of it all, my family loves it too. They went from not being engaged to texting on the way home from work “whats for dinner”. THAT is a transformation worth talking about.



Soooo I was in a rush and needed to make something quick! So I opted for the Kale and honey mustard turkey burger! That was hands down one of the BEST burgers I’ve ever eaten!!!!


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