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Cute Plus Size Sweatshirts


When I hear “embellished sweatshirt” I immediately get a vision of puff paint and iron on patches of cats playing with yarn… not quite my thing.

But lately, I’ve seen some cute embellished sweatshirts that I could rock with and they’re perfect for layering and transitioning into spring. My favorite thing about cute embellished sweatshirts is that they’re versatile especially on days where you need to dress up, but don’t feel like it.

When I’m running errands, I’ll wear a cute sweatshirt with leggings or jeans. When I need to go somewhere a little more dressy, I might layer a collared denim shirt under a crew neck sweatshirt and pair it with a full skirt for a chic/comfy look!

Here are four cute embellished plus size sweatshirts that I love. Most of these are on sale too, just click the links under the photo!

cute plus size sweatshirts


Top Left Here | Top Right Here | Bottom Left Here | Bottom Right Here


Event Announcement: theCURVYcon


I’m happy to share some exciting news with you girls! Chastity Garner, from Garner Style and I have put together an event that we’re calling theCURVYcon.

theCURVYcon is a one day event in NYC where we can Shop Curvy. Chat Curvy. Embrace Curvy. 

The day will be filled with panels from our favorite bloggers, YouTubers and fashionistas. There will also be plus size fashion showcases and of course… shopping!

We’re hard at work over here to make this event fabulous and chic and I really hope all of you can make it to NYC for this amazing day!  Here are the details:

What: theCURVYcon

When: June 20, 2015

Where: Metropolitan Pavillon West in New York City

Our first round of VIP tickets will go on sale March 13th at midnight, but you must be a CurvyVIP for access.

Become a CurvyVIP here.


Which Dress Should I Wear for Valentine’s Day?


Hi Girls! Are you all set with your plans for this long weekend?

After going through Last minute Valentine’s Day Dresses, I ordered a some cute pieces and now I need to narrow them down. Vday falls on a Saturday, which means we don’t have to worry about dressing for both the office and date night. We can be as cute and/or sexy as we want to be tomorrow *body roll*

I made a little YouTube video below with four different dresses I have on deck for tomorrow night, I’m hoping you guys will let me know which dress you think I should wear. Links to the dresses and shoes are down at the bottom (sorry the necklace is sold out).

Help Me Choose my Valentine's Day Dress.jpg


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Shoes: Here | Necklace (sold out) | Dress One: Here | Dress Two: Here | Dress Three: Here | Dress Four: Here

Sooo… Which Dress Should I Wear for Valentine’s Day?


Plus Size Valentines Day Dresses: 21 Last Minute Options


We’ve got about 10 days until Valentines Day, do you have an outfit yet? I don’t– eek!

Last year, Robert took me to see Tamia in concert. This year, I have no idea what we’re doing but I know I want to look cute, obvi. A few of my favorite plus size stores offer speedy (and sometimes free) shipping, so I’m going to place some orders today for a dress and I should have options by the end of the week. For those of us still shopping for a V-Day Dress, here are 21 last minute valentines Day Dress options.

21 plus size valentines day dresses

 Top Left Here | Top Right Here | Bottom Left Here | Bottom Right Here

Click Images Below for Details

read more..


Plus Size Fashion: How to Pack for a Miami Beach Weekend


Packing for beach trips used to be so stressful for me because all I wanted to do was hide my body. Thankfully as my body confidence improves, I can have more fun with my warm weather outfits. When I dress how I want to and stop worrying about people looking at me, I enjoy myself so much more!

How to Pack for a Miami Beach Weekend

This weekend, I threw some warm weather basics into my suitcase and hopped on the plane to Miami. The basics I brought were:

  • a denim shirt (here)
  • black maxi skirt (here)
  • colorful maxi skirt (here)
  • lace trimmed tank (here)
  • one orange striped tshirt dress (here)
  • one plus size bikini (here)
  • one cover up (here)
  • one denim jacket (here)

Then I mixed and matched these items whenever I wasn’t at yoga or by the pool. You’ll see each of these items pop up in the lookbook video and pics below. Some items I wore a few different ways so that I didn’t have to pack as much. For details on each item, just click the link!

 CeCe Olisa Plus Size Fashion Maxi Skirt Denim TopPlus Size Denim Top: Here | Leopard Maxi Skirt: (pink) Here

cece olisa plus size fashion orange dress miami beach

Plus Size Denim Top: Here | Plus Size Tshirt Dress HereNude Flats (similar) Here

CeCe Olisa Miami Ankara Dress Plus Size FashionPlus Size Denim Jacket Here | Plus Size Ankara Dress (similar) Here | Nude Flats (similar) Here

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Bikini Polka Dot High WaistSunnies Here | Plus Size Polka Dot Bikini Here | Plus Size Cover Up Here | Teal Laptop Case Here


Plus Size Fashion: Are Big Girls too “Picky”?


There is a nasty rumor going around about plus size women as shoppers… we don’t shop.

Now, when I first heard this rumor a few years ago I was totally offended. Then I began to observe myself as I walked through stores and clicked around online. To my horror, I realized that while my skinny friends would see something they liked and buy it. I had some huge hurdles that made me the pickiest (non)shopper ever! I’ve listed my major hurdles below.

Plus Size Fashion Are Big Girls too Picky CeCe Olisa

It’s too expensive…

A few years ago, if something was over $75 it was really hard for me to purchase it. I hated the idea of spending $200 on an awesome piece when in the next 2 months, I was probably going to lose 100 pounds and then my pricey garment would be too big on me (…yeah, that never happened). I’d tell myself that when I lost weight I’d invest in more quality stuff, but then I had to ask myself, don’t I deserve quality stuff now? Isn’t it better to buy one killer $100 dress than five $20 dresses that fall apart if I sneeze too hard? Over time I realized that waiting until I reached to a certain weight to buy nice clothes is a form of body shaming myself. So now, I save up, use coupons and buy what I like… then I take it to consignment when it gets too big so that someone else can enjoy it and I get a little cash back that I can use to purchase my next killer garment.

I wish…

I wish I could find runway looks in my size… I was a constant wish shopper. I had this imaginary wardrobe full of lush plus size clothes from top designers, but hello– if I wouldn’t spend more than $75 on a dress, who was I fooling with my pinterest board fashion sense trying to act like I would drop coins on D&G? Instead of begging mainstream designers to make clothes for me,  I opened my eyes to the designers big and small who put in work to design fashionable plus size clothing and then, I opened my wallet and I supported them. It felt good to have well made pieces that I could style and restyle each season and shopping with plus size indie designers makes a girl feel like she has one of a kind garments.

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I Hope They Get it Right Someday…

I used to take a glance at a new plus size line and if it wasn’t pure perfection, I would write it off completely and hope that the designer would “get it right someday”. My skinny friends don’t expect to find all of their clothing needs from one store/designer… so why should I? Frankly, I spent all of my teen years shopping in a store for middle-aged moms and I still looked fly, so SURELY I can find ONE piece in a plus size collection to purchase and look good in. Maybe my selection will nudge the designer in the right direction… I mean, if their trendiest item sells out and the grey colored tent shirts collect dust on the shelves… that’s a clear message! Then maybe next season they’ll make more trendy plus size pieces (*ahem* ya’ll probably know what situation I’m referring to).

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Once I realized that being a picky shopper was the very reason people are hesitant to make clothes in my size, I purposefully found a way to support plus size designers, retailers and brands whenever I could. I made a choice to support the plus size fashion community and when I figured out what was available to me, I never felt like I was settling. I just bought what worked for me and skipped the rest. The way I see it; when we don’t buy anything, we send the message that we don’t want anything and then the few options we have vanish.

…Thoughts?? When it comes to fashion, are big girls too picky?

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