Dating as a Plus Size Princess can be… interesting! Here I’ve chronicled all of my dating adventures here from online dating as a big girl, to the “BBW” club scene in NYC. Hopefully reading my stories will remind us that it is possible to find love at any size.

Dear CeCe: I’m Confident, Single & Struggling. Help!


Hi CeCe!

I have a question/need some advice. I’m having a hard time because I’ve fought so hard for the confidence I have, but the fact that I’ve never had a boyfriend is making me feel sort of undesirable!

I’ve never really had the confidence to have boyfriend but now I do and I’d really like that experience!

I’m wondering what I can do/where I can go to meet someone. I’m just not sure what to do! I’m going to be 21 soon and I’d love to find someone to share things and experiences with!

Any advice you can give would be so awesome. 


Hi J,

First of all, I love that you’re telling me that you have confidence– do you know how rare and special that is? To boldly say “I’m Confident” is huge and its going to play a key role in your dating journey.

When you said not having a boyfriend was making you feel a bit “undesirable”, my heart broke a little– I know its easy to feel like being in a relationship is the ultimate validation. Trust me, I’ve felt like that before– but it is 100% not true.

Who cares if you’re single?! an unclaimed diamond is still a diamond, ya know?

Who Cares if Youre Single Diamons

Just pinky promise me you’re not going to allow being single to break your confidence, okay? *I’m holding pinky to the screen*

Okay, so back to your question. I’ve dated guys that I met in a variety of places including:

  • The pool
  • The Gym
  • The Office
  • The Coffee Shop
  • The Beach
  • The Club
  • The Bar
  • The Subway
  • The Internet
  • etc.

You know what all of those places had in common? …Me!

I was there, being me, doing my thing and guys approached me. That can happen anywhere, trust me.

So, if you ask me where to meet guys (or girls) I feel silly giving you advice on places to go, but what I know for sure is “wherever you go, there you are”.

The confidence that you mentioned having? That’s the thing that will instantly make any location a good place to meet guys. Because people don’t approach us because they feel its the right environment, they approach us because they see something so attractive in us that they need to know more.

That’s why I made you hold your hand to the computer screen and pinky promise me that you wouldn’t let being single ruin your confidence (wait– you did hold your pink to the screen, right?).

If you start feeling down on yourself because you’re single, then you’ll be giving up on the very thing that will attract the right person to you. Does that make sense?

Instead of being down on yourself about your relationship status. Take your confidence and go do what you love to do. Dance Class, Batting Cages, 5K Race… go do it confidently and keep me posted on who you meet along the way.



p.s. Please Read this post where I go in deeper on what to do while we’re single. It will give you a even more advice :-)


Exciting News!!



Exciting news…

I’m happy to share with you that I officially have a book project in the works!

So many of you have been encouraging me to write a book based on this blog and now it’s happening.

This book project will not happen overnight, but it is happening.

It’s actually a little early in the game for me to share this with you, but I’m spilling the beans early for three very specific reasons.

Don’t Bang on Locked Doors: There was a time when I thought a book was the next logical step for me; during that time I pitched my book idea and I got turned down… a lot! So I put that idea on pause, I worked on other dreams (#PSPfit, theCURVYcon, my YouTube channel). I began making plans to self-publish a book in 2016 and after I wrote “publish book” down as part of my plan for the year, this opportunity popped into my email inbox. I stopped banging on locked doors, shifted my focus to other dreams and now the very same doors that were locked to me are opening up with ease.

If you have a dream/vision for yourself and it isn’t happening right away, its okay to place it on the back burner while you chase after other passions. Sometimes it’s just about timing.

Thank You: The only reason I considered taking Plus Size Princess and creating a book is because you guys suggested it over and over in emails and comments. So, thank you for pushing and encouraging me!
The Fun Part: I have the freedom to write anything I want, so I want this book to be for us. If you tell me what you’d like to see in the book, I can make it happen (!!!). So, leave a comment with topics you think I should cover and then join my free PSP Squad facebook group so we can keep chatting and stay in touch more. There’s already some great ideas being tossed around in there, I’m so excited!! You can watch today’s video for the full story and more details:

Join My Squad Here


Dear CeCe: Should I Shut Down My Online Dating Profile?


Dear CeCe,

First let me say I love your blog. I only found it recently but have devoured every single dating post.

I really need your advice because I’ve become quite disillusioned with online dating. After hearing great things from my non PSP friends I signed up a couple of months ago on POF and Tinder. The problem I’m having is that most guys are only after one thing. Some of them are blatant and come out and say it, which I almost prefer so I can move on quickly. But i’ve had others that I’ve talked to for weeks, thinking we’re going to meet up only for them to send me d*ck pics which immediately ended things for me. 

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I’ve been on a health journey for a while and in the last few months I’ve lost 20 pounds and counting. I’ve got to the stage where I’m wondering whether to shelve the online dating and come back in a few months time when my curves will be more.. contained.

I don’t know if I have the energy to withstand the constant barrage of over-sexual approaches. It’s making me suspicious of all men and I think that’s unfair to the good ones who I know are out there. I’ve worked hard both emotionally and physically to love my self at any size, and I do. This is really about not wasting my time if this is the way things are going to stay.

Please help! UKPSP


I’ve answered your questions in a video, I’ve also got some thoughts that I’ll add below!

(For those asking, the Dress I’m Wearing is available here)

So as I kept looking at your letter something else stuck out to me. I think you also may want to just work on not “wasting time” with guys as you online date. Please read My Online Dating Mistakes for a few lessons I’ve learned in that department.

Ladies, do you have any advice for UKPSP? Chime in below!

Got a question for me? Hit me up here


Thinking About a Brazilian Wax? Read This…


Summer is here so, let’s talk brazilians! I’m answering all of your questions about taking a trip to Brazil. Thinking about a brazilian wax? Read this for everything you need to know.

Thinking About a Brazilian Wax- Read This

Q.) What is a Brazilian Wax?

A.) A Brazilian Wax is when you use wax to remove hair “down there”. When you get a brazilian, they remove everything from the front to the back (Yes, “the back”!)

Q.) Will I be charged more because of my body type? or how much hair I have?

A.) Nope. A big girl should not be charged more for a Brazilian wax. My Aestetician says that rates are based on the type of work (i.e. legs, bikini line, full brazilian) not the size of the person. If someone tries to charge you more based on your size, leave immediately.

Q.) CeCe, I’ve watched your brazilian waxing video a million times, but I’m still scared– HELP!

A.) I know it can be scary the first time, but finding the right person to do your wax will help ease your anxiety. Walk into a few salons and see what kind of vibes you get. Having good chemistry with the person doing your wax makes the awkward/intimate process of waxing so much easier. Don’t be afraid to walk away or ask for someone else. Its your body and your money 😉

Q.) How do I find a Waxing Salon?

A.) I always skip nail salons, I find that their rooms and processes are often a bit shady. I go to dedicated waxing salons or spas for my wax. This makes it easier to find someone who makes me more comfortable, if needed.

Q.) The lady who does your waxing sounds awesome! Would you mind giving me her number?

A) Sure, Irina is the best!! and I’ve sent lots of my readers to get waxed by her. Click Here and I’ll email you her phone number so you can make an appointment. Be sure to tell her that CeCe referred you!

Q.) What should I wear for Brazilian Wax?

You will have to take your clothes off from the waist down, so I often wear a dress so that I can just take off my chonies (aka underwear) and pull the dress up easily.

Q.) What if I have a tummy or big thighs, can they wax me?

Yes! I always offer to help, when needed. Sometimes, I have to move my chub out of the way and/or hold my tummy taunt. Saying “let me know if you need me to help” in the beginning tells my aesthetician that she wont offend me by asking.

Q.) How do they… um… get everything?

Getting a wax can often feel like yoga. Irinia, my wax lady has me in a lot of crazy positions so that she can get to all my “nooks and crannies”, for me this is why good chemistry makes things easier

Advice you didn’t ask for but I’ll give you anyway: Always remember, having a brazilian wax can make a girl feel very… womanly *wiggles eyebrows* I always try to make sure I get my waxing done at times when it wont affect my decision making on dates. That’s all I’ll say about that!

Watch my full video on going to brazil at any size, I blush through the whole thing lol

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#theCURVYcon 2015 Recap


*deep breath*

So, before I jump into my thoughts on the first ever #theCURVYcon conference, I’ll let you watch our little recap video…


I’m still in awe that this day actually happened. If you read the true story behind theCURVYcon, you know that we had about a year to put this together. My heart is full of gratitude for many people.

theCURVYcon attendees

Some of our gorgeous attendees

If you got a ticket and showed up solo or if you grabbed some of your girls and came in a group, thank you for coming to theCURVYcon!! As I said the other day, I don’t take it for granted that you girls see and understand my dreams…

theCURVYcon volunteers

One of our MVP volunteers passing out swag bags

We had a rockstar crew of volunteers (including Mr. Man *blush*) who volunteered their time to make our day run smoothly. Our volunteers were so friendly and kind to everyone and made people feel comfortable. Huge thank you to you girls!

theCURVYcon red carpet

Julie Henderson, Model | Kierra Sheard, Gospel Artist/Designer | Chastity & Me | Ashley Graham, Model | Victoria Lee, Model

The curvy community truly rallied around us. Kierra Sheard launched her new clothing line, Eleven60 with us on her birthday! Women who I’ve always looked up to, took time out of their day to attend theCURVYcon and hang out with everyone with no frills. Ashley Graham, Victoria Lee, Julie Henderson– thank you ladies, so much for walking our “flash runway” with our attendees just for fun!

theCURVYcon flash runway


Amber Riley theCURVYcon

Chastity Garner, theCURVYcon Co-Creator | Amber Riley, Actress | (moi) CeCe Olisa, theCURVYcon Co-Creator

Of course, special thanks to Amber Riley for being our Keynote Conversation. We did a survey asking who you girls would like to hear speak at theCURVYcon and she was the #1 pick, so the fact that she agreed to come is just… *hands up emoji*

Basically the point of this recap is to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

…and or those asking, yes we are already hard at work for theCURVYcon 2016. Become a curvyVIP here to get special discounts and early tickets! xx

theCURVYcon 2016



Don’t Wait On Your Weight To Live Your Life


As a plus-size girl, there have been so many things I’ve put on hold, telling myself that they should happen “next year” after I’d lost some weight. But then, “next year” came and went, and my weight barely budged.

Eventually, I asked myself: If I never lose weight, will I never live the amazing life I want?

Putting my entire life on hold until I looked a certain way sounded like a crazy idea, so I decided against it and born was my motto “Don’t Wait On Your Weight.”

I looked closely at my fear of embarrassment and rejection, issues that that kept me from trying new things and living life to the fullest. I realized that I was rejecting experiences as a defense mechanism so that I wouldn’t be rejected.

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Once I came to terms with my behavior, I began to challenge myself. Every time I felt myself shy away from something because of my size, I took a deep breath and walked towards the very thing that was scaring me. Read on for ways that I challenged myself — and ask yourself if some of them don’t sound all too familiar:

Don’t Wait On Your Weight…

To Date Online
I can remember a friend in high school telling me that guys don’t date girls who are bigger than a size 10. I took that rule to heart and was convinced that love wouldn’t find me until I found my way out of the big girl’s department. But, with my new motto motivating me to step outside of my comfort zone, I set up an online dating profile and ignored the negative voice in my head. I even put up a full body photo of myself and to my surprise — and delight — I went on awesome dates.

To Travel
Sometimes big girls have to push through seat-belt extenders and narrow plane seats to get where we need to go, but the world is too much of a magical place to let silly things like that get in my way. I’ve yet to die from asking for a seat-belt extender and pushing past that fear has given me amazing experiences like parasailing over the Atlantic Ocean and hiking in Runyon Canyon.

plus size hiking runyon canyon cece olisa

To Hit The Gym
Its easy to peep through the gym windows, see the chiseled, rock-hard bodies and feel like you need to drop ten pounds before you even walk in the door, but the gym is for everybody and every body. My health is one thing that’s non-negotiable and I’m not going to let myself feel intimidated by gym culture.

I know I deserve a healthy life at any size, and I work hard on my healthy curves journey. The gym’s just as much a place for me as it is for anyone else. Don’t rob yourself of a healthy lifestyle because you don’t have a flat tummy. Get some cute workout clothes and start sweating.

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To Wear A Bikini
I would have never thought in a million years that I’d be on vacation in Miami wearing a two- piece swimsuit, but a few months ago, I did just that, and it was the best trip I’ve had in a while. No one stared at me, no one laughed at me, and I even got a few compliments. I had an amazing time and I shudder at the thought that I would ever skip something like that based on numbers on a scale. Life’s too short to skip the beach!
plus size bikini cece olisa

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Admittedly, it wasn’t overnight that I donned a bikini in public or signed up for parasailing. You’ve got to start out small. It’ll get easier, I promise. On weekends, instead of pouting and saying “why go out and dance with my girlfriends, no one is going to talk to me until I lose weight,” I took pains to remind myself that I love to dance, and I wasn’t about to let my size hold me back. Reasoning that I’d be happier out dancing than moping in my apartment, I went out. I refused to rob myself of something I enjoyed because of how other people might react to me.

Once I consciously worked to break the habit, I learned that most people are too caught up in their own insecurities to focus on mine. I also learned that I am very good at imagining terrible scenarios that never actually happen.

If you feel like your weight is holding you back, I encourage you to start taking the steps to claim the life you deserve to live. The next time a social opportunity arises, throw on a cute outfit and go! Of course, you may face rejection or experience awkward moments (who doesn’t?), but you also might have the time of your life.

Read More of my work on Refinery29 Here

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