#CurvyConvo Video + Twitter Chat with @GarnerStyle, @Amanda_Allison, @MarieDenee & @CeCeOlisa



Is there a question you’ve been wanting to ask me, your fellow PSP’s or a plus size blogger? Sunday is your chance….

On August 10th at 6pm EST, I’d like to invite you to my first live #CurvyConvo google hangout/twitter chat (I would never get in the way of your Sunday shows, so we will finish at 7:30).


Here’s Sunday’s #CurvyConvo, Live schedule:

6:00pm – 7:00pm: Twitter chat with @GarnerStyle, @Amanda_Allison, @MarieDenee and me, @CeCeOlisa. Use the #CurvyConvo to tweet with us as we talk about fashion, dating and fitness from a Plus Size Perspective.

7:00-7:30pm: Live Google Hangout with my blogger boo’s as we dig deeper into plus size love and dating with this weeks Curvy Convo question: “Should I lose Weight for my Boyfriend?” We’ll have time for a few more questions/topics so if you have a suggestion for Sunday’s hangout, leave a comment below :-)

See you Sunday!!

***Update Here is the full video of last nights chat***


In the meantime I’ve asked my guest bloggers to give me their favorite piece of dating advice for plus size girls… ahhh Sunday’s gonna be so much fun!!


If he doesn't want you You dont want him #CurvyConvo PlusSizePrincess.com


Trust your instincts. Your instincts are a blessing and are there for a reason #CurvyConvo jpg


If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else #CurvyConvo




My love life improved 100 when I decided not to settle #CurvyConvo PlusSizePrincess.com