Plus Size Fitness Monthly Workouts, Come Join us!


Alright my lovelies, you’ve been asking for more regular #PSPfit workouts in cities outside of NYC so lets do it!

The next #PSPfit Clean Eating Online Bootcamp begins in 90 days. We know that clean eating is 80% of healthy living and we’ll cover that in detail during bootcamp. But our exercise/fitness game is important too, so if you want to get motivated and work out with your fellow Plus Size Princesses this is your chance!

Over the next few months I’ll be hosting workouts in NYC, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington, DC to help you girls start your #PSPfit workout groups. If you’re interested in running a #PSPfit group in your city, please send me your email here.

Here’s the schedule/locations for the next August and September. I’ll announce the October/November dates soon.

August 2nd @ 11am – NYC register here

September 6th @ 11am – NYC and Philadelphia register here

Hope to see you soon!

plus size fitness meetups

  • K. Harris

    I am interested! sounds like fun!

    • CeCe Olisa

      Yay!! Which city did you sign up for?

      • K. Harris


  • Berenice

    How do I registre for The online bootcamp?

    • CeCe Olisa

      Hi! send me your email at and you’ll get alerts for early registration!

      • Annie McKonly

        hi CeCe I just wanna say you’re videos r so inspirational for me I would love for you 2 come see me I live in a small town 6 hrs south of Denver called Durango also I love nyc & would love 2 meet u on my nxt trip not sure whn tht is lol anyway just wanted 2 let u know I’m a fan & I love your channel!

  • Cheryl Marie Petratos

    I just signed up! I’m in ChiTown!

  • payless4brands

    This post is such an inspiration for healthy living!! Good job!

  • Erin

    Hey CeCe. I’m interested in a little more information on running a PSPFit group in my city. I’m in Ottawa Canada. Can you send me some info on how it works?