Plus Size Dating: Words from Maya Angelou…


I want to be as beautiful as I can be—to MYSELF first. THEN to whomever has the SENSE to see me. -Maya Angelou

When the news of Auntie Maya’s passing hit yesterday, so many quotes swirled around the internet… but this is the one that spoke directly to my heart.

Loving myself is hard and never ending work. I never get it 100% right, but I’m getting better at it. I’m getting better at bouncing back from failure. I’m getting better at seeing a number on the scale and moving on with my day no matter what it says. I’m getting better at not defining myself by my relationship status… I’m getting better, but I’m still a work in progress, we all are.

The exciting thing is that as I love myself better, the people around me love me better too.

What if seeing ourselves as beautiful is the key to being beautiful? What if how we see ourselves is reflected in the eyes of those we love? What if we stopped faulting ourselves for not attracting certain people, but instead understood that they had no sense!

I think I’m going to write this quote on the mirror in my apartment… lets read it again… Rest in Peace Auntie Maya. xo

Maya Angelou Plus Size Dating

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  • T.R.

    Here, here!!!! *clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap,clap, clap*

    • thebiggirlblog

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  • Sarai Garnett

    Love, love, LOVE this. Maya will forever be one of my greatest sources of wisdom, beauty, and queenliness. All hail!

  • Voice of Reason

    I have only heard of this quote fairly recently but it has become my favorite. I’ve had so many hangups… Regarding my size, regarding my dark skin, some have even criticized my natural hair etc etc etc… This quote holds a lot of meaning for me. I felt like I had to struggle my whole life to feel beautiful. This quote in a way, gives me permission to be who I am and to love myself and believe I am beautiful. Egging me on as it were. So I totally feel you on this!

  • Jamie Alexis

    I am in love with this quote! It instantly gave me life! <3