Plus Size Fitness: PCOS, Goddess Dressing, Body Weight Workouts (Video)


I woke up on January 1st feeling really gross. My scalp was flaky and itchy due to an eczema flare up. My face was broken out, my period had been two days late (not a good sign for PCOS) and I had crazy swelling in my ankles.

When I decided to take December off from my plus size fitness life, I assumed I’d gain weight but I didn’t anticipate the other ways I’d fall apart. I’m starting to realize that what I eat affects more than just my weight.

After starting the January Jump Start with the #PSPfit girls, if I wasn’t 100% sure that clean eating is the best option for me, I am now. One week of clean eating and my ankles are no longer cankles, face is clear, aunt flow should be back to her regularly scheduled visits and my eczema flare up has subsided.

So, I guess that means no more month long “breaks”, huh? *looks away*

If you want to know what it looks like to do #PSPfit, I’ve made a little vlog about what I did to lose 6.9 pounds in the first week. I’ve got food ideas, planning tips and my gym sessions below!

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  • Danika

    Oh my gosh, my inner thighs are so frustrating!
    Do you ever wear through leggings/pants abnormally fast? I tend to have that problem :(
    I need to really do some more meal planning and prep.

    Inspiring as always, Miss CeCe. Looking fantastic!

  • suzie

    more videos like this please. I loved it and nice background

  • More About Lasik

    Awesome, really motivating!

  • JoJo

    Hey Lady, I NEVER EVER, EVER, comment on blogs, articles or anything else, but had to on this one. I too have PCOS, but have learned to keep my weight and the other horrible symptoms under control with exercise and healthy eating. I applaud you for not letting the condition control your life and motivating others with the same issue to keep it moving no matter what!!! Great JOB. Always remember you have PCOS…it doesn’t have you.

    • thebiggirlblog

      Hi jojo, thank you!

  • Simone

    Hi I am 27 years old and I discovered I had PCOS when I was 15 years old. My doctor put me on birth control pills, Metformin and Spiralactone immediately. I got violently sick from the birth control. I was supposed to have remained on the Metformin but I was not compliant. I grew up with a beard, acne the whole works until about 3 years ago I found a laser treatment and I am now hair free. In 2012 I started serious exercising I lost 25lbs and periods came back .

    But you see I never knew what it was like to look truly feminine when I dress up sometimes I feel like I look stupid with no butt, no hips and linebacker shoulders. I’m a girl with an awesome rack etc. but my sisters all have JLO hips and butts and I feel unfeminine.

    Does managing the PCOS make you look more feminine? I have lost weight but I am far from slim. I went from 210 lbs to 180lbs my periods returned but I still don’t like how I look. Sometimes I wonder if I do the work and get down to 115lbs at 5′ 5″ will I finally look like how I want to feel?