Wide Calf Boot Round up! feat. @WideWidthBoots (Gift Certificate Included!)


You know the feeling… I’m sitting on the bench in the shoe section, my foot slips into the hottest over-the-knee boot and then I begin to zip up the sides, holding my breath and hoping that the boot will fit around my calf. About two inches from the top, the zipper refuses to budge even though every other part of the shoe fits perfectly. Augh.

Yup, the hunt for wide calf boots is on… although I still try on boots in department stores, I usually start online because every year the options for wide calves get better and better. So lets dig in and see what styles are out there for us! Todays styles come from www.WideWidths.com

WideWidths have two designs I am really into, the Sofia and the Tanya. Both come in multiple colors and size as large as Extra and Super Wide:


This is the Sofia, I love the braided heel and cognac color!


And this is Tanya… I love the detailing on the back of the calf!

I like the wide widths site because they have instructions called “How to Measure your Calf” measuring will save you the heartache of exchanges and returns later, so make sure you take a look and place your order based on your measurements.

TBGB readers can get $15 off any purchase of $149.99 or more with the gift certificate code “PSPstyle”… Happy Shopping!


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  • JayFay

    Did I miss something or is there really no option to search http://www.widewidths.com by shoe size…?

    • WideWidths.com

      Hi JayFay! There is actually an option to search by size – if you look at the top left search box, you can put in your shoe size and all the boots available in the size will come up! Hope this helps! ~WideWidths.com

      • JayFay

        Excellent – thanks! It’s still not as intuitive as searching by size on other sites but better than nothing!

  • D. Bell

    Yay! I actually need the width wide in the foot section. My calves seem to make it OK. Ordered a pair of Aldo boots and they were actually cuter in person. Tried them on and they tried to squeeze the life out of my feet. Back they go!

  • Jey.

    These shoes are nice esp the black boots but I love higher heels….

  • bargain stores online

    A perfect blog should be like you. Thank you for your kind post

  • Denice

    Nice styles :). Here is another tip for a good wide calf boots site: http://www.widecalfbootson.com/ They have a great new range for Autumn/Winter.

  • Sarah Mortensen

    Praise you! Haha! It’s so hard to find wide calf boots anywhere. Perfect for the season, Thanks :)