Plus Size Holiday Dress with @GwynnieBee! #PSPstyle


I just moved into my a new apartment and I’m not going to lie, I still have unpacked boxes. Most of my unpacked boxes have my fancy clothes in them and I really don’t feel like digging them out (don’t judge!).

My subscription to GwynnieBee is coming in handy because instead of digging out dresses when I have events, I order pretty pieces and they’re delivered to my door ready to wear.

Gwynnie Bee is like Netflix for +size clothing, they send you the dresses you choose from their online closet and when you’re done wearing them you send the clothes back and get more clothes! Want a free 30 day membership? Click here!

Oh, and my new apartment has rooftop access… I’m so excited!
GwynnieBeeCeCe2 GwynnieBeeCeCe



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  • elseo

    It’s a beautiful dress, you look lovely. I stumbled upon Gwynniebee only a few days ago and I thought what a great idea but unfortunatly that does not work in Europe and I can’t find a company here that does a similar service.

  • JayFay

    I love the idea of Gwynnie Bee and already used up my one-month trial. Doesn’t fit my lifestyle, though – I travel way too much. And also, they did have some issues fulfilling my orders. Even when I had 30+ pieces saved in my online closet, there still were delays in GB sending my next shipment, probably because I usually wanted the more popular dresses, tops, blazers, etc. I hope they’ve worked out the kinks by now.

    Pretty dress, though! Who makes it? It’s getting me in the mood for holiday soirees :)

  • Joanna

    This dress is so beautiful! It fits perfect to You!!!!! :)

    Joanna –