Relationships: Unexpected Moments…


Dating is one of those things that looks completely different when you’re on the outside looking in. I used to watch my friends with their significant others and it seemed like everything that was happening was so exciting, cool and romantic. Now that I’ve been dating Robert for a while, I’m finding that the exciting and romantic moments definitely happen, but they always come unexpectedly.

Last weekend we spent four days in Rivera Maya, Mexico with The Tropical Travelers. I was able to bring Robert, my best friend Alex and my little sisters Denise and Nikki.

As I prepared for the trip, I imagined all the romantic settings we’d be in and how the shared experience of holding hands in paradise, sipping champagne in our suite and lounging around in the pool might make me feel closer to him. Those things happened and they were amazing, but the thing that drew me even closer to Robert was watching how he interacted with my sisters.

I’m the oldest and my sisters are my babies; Denise is in grad school working on a double masters and Nikki just finished her first year in undergrad. This is the first time we’ve traveled internationally without our parents, so this trip was a big deal for us and I felt a sense of responsibility for things to go smoothly.

Over the course of the weekend, I noticed Robert doing things for my sisters, chatting and joking around with them or looking out for the girls in some way without my asking and it put me at ease. Suddenly it felt like “we” felt a sense of responsibility for things to go smoothly. I couldn’t have guessed that the way Robert treated my sisters would top the list as the most romantic thing for me, but it did.

Seeing him with them made my heart smile….

Have you ever had an unexpected relationship moment?

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  • jey

    Am soo happy 4 u,can’t wait for my turn…! Am single and waiting for the right guy…I feel like am friendzoned for now…but it could amount to something serious later just like you and Robert. All the best

    • CeCe Olisa

      Ahhh the friendzone 😉 After my experience with Robert I think there’s always a chance that friendships will turn into romantic (and often super meaningful) relationships… you never know! xoxo

  • Kurves

    Happiness is surrounding you. Catch it and Keep it close.

  • mark taylor

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  • Wendy Loubser

    Hi CeCe,

    Your Robert sounds like a fine man! I think you learn as you get older that the real romance is not in the ‘movie’ settings but in everyday happenings of real life.

    As a divorced Mom, I relate to this well and see how he made your heart smile by looking out for your sisters. When Graeme does things for my children and takes extra care with them, its what makes me really crazy over him.

    I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog so much and will be coming back regularly.

    Happy day


    Simply Sassy