Giveaway: Six Nutrition Sessions with Abra Pappa! #PSPfit


“For dessert last night, I had apples, a teaspoon of almond butter and some honey!” I declared proudly during my nutrition session with Abra Pappa. Abra is helping me transition into clean eating (no processed foods/refined sugars).

“That’s great!” she replied, “but next time instead of honey, try sprinkling cinnamon on your apples…”

“Why, cinnamon?” I asked.

“Cinnamon reduces sugar cravings, also with your PCOS, the honey is too much for you to have in your system before bed, we don’t want your insulin levels that high while you sleep.”

This is one of the many nuggets of information I’ve been soaking up like a sponge since deciding to invest in a nutritionist. Have any of you worked with a Nutritionist before? I’m learning so much!

bio_headshot_abraAbra is helping me transition into Clean Eating. I’ve tried every “diet” out there and, honestly… I’m over it. I don’t want to be tied to someones points system, shakes or packaged food program anymore. I want to be able to eat well and figure out what’s right for me so I can be free to cook and eat more intuitively. I also want to see what natural foods I can use to manage PCOS and Abra is an expert in all of those things.

When I had my first session with her three things stuck out to me:

1.) Her positivity, I had a mini-meltdown the day before our first session and had been bingeing on all of the “bad foods” I thought I’d never be able to eat again. When I told her what I’d been doing, she was so open and kind and said she completely understood my going into panic mode

2.) Abra never told me NOT to eat anything, she didn’t put me on a cleanse or detox, instead she suggested that I add a few different foods to my daily meals. Even though the changes she suggested were small, I saw big results in how I felt and what the scale said

2.) She mentioned that one of her clients came to her with fertility issues due to PCOS and after working together, the client lost 80 pounds and now has a toddler and a newborn

Abra is an expert in the things I need help with and things are going well! I jumped on the scale this morning and it looks like I’ve lost ten pounds since the beginning of March. They say that 80% of weight loss is what you eat and I’m learning how true that is!

The other thing I love about Abra is that she knows about #PSPfit and she supports what we’re doing! I’m going to be involving her in the upcoming #PSPfit Pre-Summer intensive (Mark your calendars April 15th-May 27th!).

Before we kick that off, Abra has agreed to give one TBGB reader… SIX hour-long nutrition sessions with her (an $800 value). You don’t have to live in NYC to win, she has clients all over the country and can work with you via skype and/or phone.

Want to win? Enter in three steps:

-Follow @thebiggirlblog on twitter

-Follow @abrapappa on twitter

-Tweet the following phrase “Want to win 6 sessions w/ a nutritionist? 1) Follow @thebiggirlblog 2) follow @AbraPappa 3.) RT! #PSPfit #eatclean”

  • Amy Benitez

    I think this is the best giveaway you’ve ever done!! I’m a weight loss blogger ( and I also suffer from a chronic immune system deficiency that leaves me with a lot of inflammation and questions about the foods I eat. Google and WebMD only get me so far, yknow? Getting in front of an expert without worrying about fighting my insurance company to get coverage would be a dream. Keeping my fingers crossed! ;)

  • Tiff.Tiff

    Is there anyway to enter through email? I don’t have Twitter or Facebook.

  • MilaXX

    My allergies have allergies and I am also a vegetarian which for some reason seems to annoy nutritionist. I could really use this.

  • Ashley

    I’m seeing a nutritionist too! And for the exact same reasons. I just want to educate myself a little more so I can make healthy choices and feel good without being on some super restrictive plan that will never fit with real life. I’ve been seeing her for 2 months now and I feel great and I can already see my relationship with food shifting for the better! It sounds like your nutritionist will really be able to help you too!

    I also have PCOS and am looking to stop taking birth control and potentially manage it naturally. The first thing my nutritionist said was SOY! I’ve always kind of avoided soy as I’d heard some bad things (increased risk of breast cancer, etc.), but I must say after 2 months of 25g per day, I feel great, physically and mentally. Waiting to see if there is an effect on my cycle. Just curious if your nutritionist has said anything about soy?

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  • Issa Mas

    Done! I’ve been thinking I need a nutritionist but didn’t know where to start; thanks, C! P.S. I have PCOS, too. Interesting to me that she’s an expert at how to eat the right foods to manage it.

  • Mindy Robertson

    I just happened across your site today for the first time and already picked up several cool tips:) I luv your idea about full length pictures… and I’m definitely using it!!

  • Tina Perkins

    Hey CeCe,
    I signed up for your boot camp classes and was wondering if she’s going to be giving any advice in July?