Should I Buy Him a Christmas Gift?


Its Christmas Eve, I hope you’re all doing well today! Please continue to pray for the families in Newton, CT. my heart is still heavy for them.

This is my second Christmas dating Robert. Because our pace is sooo slow, last year I wasn’t sure if we were doing gifts and we ended up having a “did you get me something? Oh! I didn’t know we were doing that…” moment (awkward.). This year the idea of Christmas gifts wasn’t even a question. Robert and I have been casually mentioning getting gifts for each other for a few weeks and because I’m staying in NYC this year (I have family coming to me :-)) we’re getting together later today to exchange presents. Those of you who follow me on twitter already know what his present is, but I’ll update everyone on his reaction later *fingers crossed*.

Anyway, for those of you in relationships how do you determine when to give a Christmas gift to someone you’re dating? Do you give a gift when you feel like it? or do you try and find out if they intend to get you something first?

I really messed up last year, so I’m curious to know how other people avoid that misstep.

P.S. This year I will be posting the New Years outfits of TBGB readers… get your pics to me any way you can. Email them, tweet them to me, tag me on facebook/instagram. I will post the pics I get and hopefully feature some of you on a fashion recap post.

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  • Dee

    I’m probably not up to date on dating rules, being with the same person for 11 years, but i gave him a gift the first Christmas cause it felt right. I think it should be how you feel, and not just because you’re getting something in return. Of course I don’t think you should leave the poor guy hanging if you realise he’s gifting and you maybe hadn’t planned to.

  • Christine Cadena

    If I’m dating someone at Christmas, I always get him something……..this year, I didn’t have that issue cause I was totally single…..not a man in sight. 😉