Cutting The Tags Off of My Clothes


This morning Robert noticed that the price tags on my brand new sweater were visible through the knit. Too lazy to take the sweater off, I turned my back to him “Can you just tear it off?” I asked. He reached down the back of my top, carefully ripped the price tag and extra button off and handed it to me.

It wasn’t until an hour later that I realized I’d given him access to my clothing size without a second thought. For some of you this might sound like nothing, but for me its a huge deal. Not only because I let him see what size I wore, but because I’ve always had a very strange relationship with clothing tags.

You see up until the past year or so, none of my clothes had tags on them. I’m not talking about the price tags, everyone takes those off. I’m talking about the tag with a number on it that identifies what size dress/pants/sweater you have. For as long as I can remember I would rush home after a shopping trip, grab the scissors and cut the sizes off of everything I bought. The numbers 18… 20 … or 24 had no place in my closet (even if they applied to me) so I cut the numbers off as a way of pretending that I wasn’t that size.

Silly, I know… but it’s what I did.

Denial feels really good sometimes.

So fast forward to this morning… with Robert removing my forgotten price tag. As I went to throw it away, I had to pause and acknowledge how far I’ve come in accepting myself as a Plus Size Princess. Not only did I purchase the sweater last night and skip my size cutting ritual, but I let the guy I’m dating remove the tag for me… letting him see the size that I am right now.

I’m proud of myself.

Do any of YOU do weird things with your clothes?


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  • Rachael B

    I do this all the time :/

  • karenmsmith77

    Good for you on your progress. The closest thing I do that is weird about my clothes is I freak out if the price tag is taken off before I wear it. But that has more to do with being poor most of my life than anything else.

    • thebiggirlblog

      That makes sense, actually… I guess we all have our hangups!

  • heavenhoyle

    Good for you, I used to have this thing about how everything in my closet had to be the same size, but then I learned that designers cut things differently and not everything cut for a 20 is going to fit every 20. So now I try to ignore size and just concentrate on fit.

    • thebiggirlblog

      I have that feeling with shoes… I HATE having to go up since I’m already an 11, but if a 12 means they fit better, I just bite the bullet and get them! :-)

  • Sarai Garnett

    Plus Size Princess-never thought about myself like that…but I like it! It is so beautiful that you could open up to your guy about your size, proud of you Princess!! :oD

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