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Greetings from Los Angeles!

So, I got on the plane in NYC and was able to click the seat belt closed with no extender! Then just as I was applauding myself for my weight loss acomplishments, I changed flights in Chicago and the seatbelt was *this* close to fitting, but it wouldn’t and I had to ask the flight attendant for an extender afterall (womp womp!). Goes to show, that its not always us… sometimes its the plane, so we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves when we have to do the oh so embarrassing extender request.

I’m in my home state for a friends wedding. I’m not in the wedding and Robert had to stay behind for a family wedding of his own, so my main goal for this trip is to relax! I’m going to be by the pool and/or on the beach as much as possible starting tomorrow, so I tried really hard not to overpack. I’ve made some discoveries over the past few weeks that made my packing a lot more simple. So I thought I’d share!

First off, I revamped my travel outfit for the summer– remember when I wrote about plane comfy clothes for Plus Size Princesses? Well you can see that post come to life in this picture. The lip gloss I’m wearing is from the See & Be Seen makeup kit by Anastasia. I love the pink color and it pops on my brown skin, which is sometimes hard to find in a lip gloss.

Next, has done something I’ve been wanting a swimline to do for a long time… they’re making swimsuits with underwire in them! I always buy at least one halter swimsuit, but for a girl like me with DDD’s, that knot starts to dig into the base of my neck after a while and its not comfortable. Underwire in this vintage swimsuit cut is going to make my time by the pool perfect. Follow me on Instagram (PlusSizePrincess) and I’ll be posting pictures through the weekend. FullBeauty also has a great sheer swimdress that I like– I know everyone is doing the fatkini thing, but I’m just not ready, so these suits work well for me.

Lastly, Ms. Kathryn Finney from TheBudgetFashionista turned me on to the new Crocs… its not those crazy moon shoes anymore, they’re making cute little ballet flats with great support and the size 11w’s fit like a glove. I’m wearing them in the photo linked above!

Anyway, this is what I’ll be rocking all weekend until I have to put on real clothes for the wedding… I’ll post pics of that on my tumblr.

Summer Style

Crocs flat

Beauty product

Mesh Swimsuit

Vintage Halter Swimsuit
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  • AlwaysForMe

    Love your travel outfit. Looks so stylish and comfy. has plus size swimsuits with underwire too, if you need another. Plus some really cute cover ups on sale now.

  • Denise Jenkins

    I love the outfit you wore on the plane. Too cute! Enjoy your stay in Los Angeles! I might have to sign onto Tumblr and Instagram after all. UGH! :-)

    • thebiggirlblog

      LOL @ Denise… It’s not that bad, I promise! xoxo

  • Mari

    Oh love the skirt! Well, the whole outfit, but the skirt is gorgeous!
    I can’t believe you needed the extender! You’re not even that big… Airlines are making really hard for us chubby princesses to travel! Not that that ever stopped me. lol :)
    Have fun there!

  • Eve

    love the stylish clothes. I too am a big (no pun intended) fan of wrap around dresses and flowing fabrics. I got to ask,however, how do you cope with the unpleasant thigh shaffing that comes from doing any kind of walking in the warmer climates/humidity? Would love your feedback!

    • thebiggirlblog

      I have TWO posts on that subject… Look up “chaffing” or “chub rub” in the search box on the right side of this site! 😉

    • Maddy Alwaysforme

      Sometimes wearing a pair of light weight bike shorts like these ( from Always For Me is a great way to stay comfortable and still look great.

  • Jen

    Love plus woman, here is, you will like it.

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