Coming Soon… Meetups & Giveaways!


Happy Friday!

I just wanted to update you guys on a few things:

1.) I’ve been getting a few notes that I only do giveaways on Twitter and never on facebook. I’ve heard your requests and I’m cooking up a facebook giveaway for you as we speak! I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that everyone will participate, so if you have a second, click here and “like” TBGB on fb.

2.) I’m singing at a coffee shop in Harlem next month. I asked them if we could do a Curvy Conversations meetup in the space after I sing and they said yes! So save the date: September 29th 6:30-8:30pm.

That’s it for now… have a good weekend and I hope to see you soon!


  • Priyanka

    I wish I was in New York.. would love to meet and see you. :(

    • Elle Bee

      me too. =(

  • Elle Bee

    Awww man!!! I wish I lived in NY or could get the time off to go. After all, it’d be double duty as I have family in NY. =( Will you be able to podcast the meet-up or tape it and show via youtube?? You have really great insights on being PSP, dating and making it all work… have you thought about doing a weekly podcast or a youtube channel?? I’d totally subscribe… doesn’t even have to be weekly.