Donna Summer on Family Matters… as a “BBW”!


We lost Donna Summer yesterday and while I love her music. I have an extra special place in my heart for her in the role of “Aunt Oona, from Altoona” on Family Matters. As a baby Plus Size Princess, a machine that made you instantly thin looked like a dream. Around that time one of my Moms friends had liposuction to lose excess weight, so I was curious about instant weight loss. But the moral of this episode was that a quick fix often comes with its own set of isues.

Of course the best part of this episode is seeing a man prefer Aunt Oona when she was larger! Also… this was probably the first time I heard the expression “BBW”!

As a kid I would have loved a world where, instead of a or a tummy tucks to show those abs I could just call Steve Urkel for an instant body make over. Now my perspective has changed, but the message of this episode is still really great. There are no quick body fixes and you don’t always have to lose a whole bunch of weight to get a man!

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  • BiggggBrown

    Wow! I forgot about this episode. Growing up fat in NC was rough and being told by an adult male family member that no man would ever want me (which up to that point had been true) left me devastated. A few years later I saw that episode and remeber a feeling of pride and hope in knowing that there are men who appreciate BBWs. It wasnt until I moved to NY that I encountered men who truly adore ample figures. Thanks for sharing and reminding me that I am admired and desired. R.I.P. Disco Diva.

  • Niecyjenkins

    OMG! You pulled that one out! Thanks lady! I loved this show, loved all the characters and loved Donna Summers!

  • Moe a.k.a @biggirlblue

    Wow, that is an oldie. I only have one Donna Summer album — the hot stuff one — and I still listen to it for a lift. It’s funny I remember the show but I do not remember this episode, I wonder if I even knew it was her.