Confession: I Don’t Like Heels.


I’m 5’10, I have wide feet and my left foot is slightly bigger than my right foot. For me, this combination has caused an extreme aversion to high-heeled shoes. It seems like most of the Plus Size Princesses I see have amazing shoe collections, but I just can’t do it. Fashionable heels are a part of mainstream fashion that PSP’s can still be a part of but with my crazy feet, I’m still left out in the cold.

When I was younger, it was because heels made me too tall. Once I got older (and the boys grew taller) I was open to wearing heels, but I could never find any that fit me properly. While other girls were learning to trot around in stilettos, I was constantly scouring the stores for cute flats, mary janes with a slight platform or converse sneakers.

I didn’t even buy shoes for my senior prom. Instead I wore my ballet slippers and kept them artfully hidden underneath my floor length ball gown.

But as I grow up, I’m noticing that high heels are a MAJOR part of an outfit. So… I’ve been trying to find ways to step my shoe game up. Some of the tricks I’ve been using lately are beautiful riding boots especially in the winter. Pairing gorgeous tall boots with mini dresses or jeans still give me a great look, even if the heel is low.

I’m also obsessed with the heels sold at plus size stores like Avenue and Lane Bryant. Heels made specifically for a plus size foot seem to work for me. I’ve been rocking 3″ heels in the office and my feet aren’t screaming for relief with every step.

I also like wedges and the age-old trick of wearing ballet flats or flip-flops and then changing into heels at the last possible minute.

Even as I write this, my heels are kicked to the side and I’m barefoot. Don’t get me wrong, I wear heels all the time, but I’d rather be barefoot or in a pair of Chuck Taylor’s. Anyway, I’m trying to get better….

Do you love heels? How do you make them more comfortable?

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  • Aly

    I am actually surprised to read that you don’t like heels. I personally love heels and I have worn them almost everyday for the past 8 years (something my feminist professor was horrified by)! I went to a boarding school that had a semi-strict dress code (no sneakers, flip-flops, etc.) I didn’t have to wear heels, but that was a time before ballet flats were really popular and I thought most flats looked awful. Anyway I got into the habit of wearing them and although my feet hurt a lot at first, I now have very little feeling in my feet when wearing what most would call “uncomfortable shoes.” I always feel much more comfortable and confident in heels and I think that is why I wear them rather than just because they are pretty.
    I will say that on the rare occasion that a pair of heels hurt my feet I put the little cushions from Fab Feet in and they instantly become the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I also realized about 2 years ago that shoes that have a little bit of a platform are much more comfortable and tend to be a little softer. I really don’t like the look of platforms, but even shoes that that have a 1/4″ platform are much more comfortable than heels that have none.

  • Shonda Adams

    I’m 5’10, I have wide feet and my left foot is slightly bigger than my right foot. And, on top of this, my feet swell when it’s warm and humid (which it always is in the DC area during summer) and when I consume alcohol. But, despite it all, I *love* heels. LOL

    I wear dresses 5-6 days out of the week, and I find that a heel usually looks so much better than a flat shoe (though I do wear flats sometimes). I don’t do the Avenue/Lane Bryant heels because a lot of them used to look a little matronly. I wear a lot of Nine West shoes since I find their sizing to be a little generous. I can normally find nice shoes to fit my feet in Nordstrom. Me Too shoes generally work well. I generally stick to the 3.5″-4″heels, but will do a little more if the shoe is a wedge or has a platform. I just go up a half, or sometimes whole, size (making me a 12) to get a little more width out of the shoe. And, when they start to swell, I put on a closed in, tie up shoe like an oxford or a sneaker to squeeze ’em back down. LOL

    • Anonymous

      Ahhhh– you’re so much better than me! Haha… Some of the shoes from those stores are matronly, but every season I find at least two pairs that I can rock and look fierce. cpxo

      • Shonda Adams

        I haven’t looked at the shoes there in so long, I have no idea what they look like anymore. I am just determined I’m going to have the look I want, even if I have to use a few workarounds to get it. LOL

  • Mohauster

    I hear you! When I got to the US and saw how much options you have with wide width shoes – Payless has wide width as well! I was shocked! I think I purchased 4 pairs of heels over a 3 week period. For a long time I refused to wear heels. But I have to admit shoes make an outfit. You dont look bad without them, you just look even better. I was complianing about the pain to a friend. She said to me: Go through it you will get used to it. She was right, Its tight and sore maybe the first 3 times I wear them then I cant even remember what I was complaining about. I also look at the heel, no skinny heels. The heels that are supported by the toes are also great, cause then the arch of the foot is not too steep. I find sandals are difficult to find that look good but court shoes, I can buy almost from any store. Dont discriminate with heels, you can find a good comfortable pair almost anywhere.

  • Tiffany Wilson

    I too am not always a fan of the heel! But living in the Portland area theyre not exactly part of the everyday fashion. Which makes me happy. Im a wide size 11. For the times that heels are inevitable I have found some tricks that work. Theres this kit called shoe pettals that are padded sticker like things that help customize a shoe including heels. Also there are some brands that I know I can stand by for a cute comfy heel that comes in more sizes to choose from, Clarks are one of them. Then there are companies like that usually carry multiple brands that cater to sizes. Yeah I know home shopping networks are for grandmas but not anymore! They realy do have a great selection and for an artist on a budget like me, Im hooked!

    • Anonymous

      I’ll have to check them out… Thanks!!

    • JustME

      I heart Clarks!

  • Anetra Shivon

    I’m so weird. I love heels. Love how they look. Love how they make me appear a little bit slimmer BUT…I am 5’5 and I want to STAY 5’5. So I do the flip flops/ballet flats until I get to where I’m going. LOL! As far as comfort I have high arches so my platforms feel just as good as anything else.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah– you just reminded me… my feet are flat. That’s not helping me either! LOL

    • Dena Upton

      This cracks me up because I am 5’4 and feel the exact same way. I am so glad you can relate because I always feel dumb saying it. I love the way heels look, but I don’t want to be taller than I am. I am 5’4, and I want to be 5’4 so I don’t wear heels pretty much ever haha.

  • Elle

    I’m 5’10, size 10 1/2 shoe, and my left ankle is turned under (that’s the only way I know how to describe it) so I constantly fall off of my left shoe. BUT I found that I can get away with wearing really tall heels if they have a platform. It levels out the height so my center of balance is easier to stay on. Also I’ve heard from many tall glamorous women that they buy the cute impractical heels and then take them to a shoe repair store to have the heels chopped down. I haven’t tried it myself but I think that’s the most ingenious idea ever.

  • Karla Neese

    At 5’9″ with a size 10 shoe, I’m a big girl too. I love heels, love how the look but because I have that thing where the 2nd toe is longer than the big toe, I get callouses that feel like stones under my skin right at the balls of my feet. I can tolerate low-sized heels for awhile but nothing tall and not everyday all day long yet. I’m trying to build up to it, but still I resort to flats most of the time.

  • Donna Skelton

    Hmm… how to say that you’ll very likely be visiting a podiatrist later on in life (if not sooner rather than later) if you’re punishing your flat, wide feet by wearing heels the majority of the time? If they were European made “heels”(usually wedge heels, not tiny heels) that have a proper wide toebox for proper movement of the foot while walking, then that might be better. But most American-sold heels with more than a 2-inch heel are a recipe for bunions, toe joints being shunted the wrong directions, plantar faciatis, etc. Especially concerning are some of the comments below that say that people have gone from being in pain in heels (um, you should never be in pain in a shoe, really) to having very little feeling in their feet. Seriously?

    I get that your typical heels look good. But take a look at most women’s feet, with joint problems, etc, and think about walking when you’re about 60.

    Sorry to come off as such a killjoy, but I work in medical literature, and firmly believe in healthy living rather than fashionable living. I wear Birkenstock sandles a lot during spring and summer, a cute crossover style called Miyari, and wear New Balance tennis shoes with my custom built orthotic inserts the rest of the time. But I’m pulling up on 39 in August, and have high arches with wide feet, and the left a tad larger than the right.

    • Lornadahl

      I totally agree with you! I don’t like heels either and, over time, I learned to use ballet flats and sneakers instead. I had a history of kneecap dislocation and I think it’s wise to reserve heels for special occasions.

  • Missmeandi

    I just don’t wear them. Doesn’t matter to me what MSM is projecting…I don’t do heels and I don’t mind. My comfort comes first. If I can look cute in heels then I can look just as cute in flats .and I’m only 5’5 :)

  • Vanessa

    Finding clothes that fit me, that I like and that are not too expensive has become easy for me, but I really never found it easy to find shoes the same way. They either don’t have my size, or it’s way out of my budget lol. I’d love to see more shoes company thinking about the fact that when you’re big, your feet usually are bigger too. I love heels but very rarely wear them!

  • Amanda Berrios

    I have never worn heels…the only “high”shoe I’ve been able to wear is a platform, no higher than 2inches..maybe 3…and almost even….I’m always in flats and converse…and sometimes they just don’t go with what I have on…but I really can’t wear heals…and my feet aren’t wide, they’re actually skinny but very very very flat and long. And it is sooo hard to find platforms like the ones I can use…

  • Morgan

    I use Dr. Scholl’s high heel insoles and they really help alot with sore achy feet. I first tried them when I went on vacation to vegas, because I knew I would be walking alot but I still wanted to look cute :) They really made a difference.

  • Belatedbloomer

    Is being heavier a reason not to love heels? I love heels–on other people that is. I even love seeing me wear them. But after about fifteen minutes, I tend to want to remove them and change back to flats or flip-flops, whichever is available. Heels bring pain to my feet, and sometimes after a day of walking in them, my knees hurt too.

  • Mallorytiffany

    I love heels but they don’t love me, lol. I have tried so many different things to try to make these fabulous accessory work for me but usually after about 20 minutes I am done with them. Now lately I have been trying some of Dollhouse shoes usually the ones that come from torrid and they haven’t been as uncomfortable as maybe those from Payless or even Lane Bryant. I am only 5’2 and where at size 11W in heels, so my choices are very limited. My sister on the other hand wear her heels faithfully and I ask her how does she do it and she tells me, “beauty is sometimes painful.” I must say I can’t live with such a motto so I just buy and hope that within my weight loss journey I will be able to strut my stuff in them soon.

  • Goldeelocks

    I’m 5’5 so I loveee heels! I’m easily faking people out with my pseudo/wanna be height of what you’re blessed with naturally! I’m at the point in life to where I won’t just buy some shoes if they’re cute. They better be cute and comfy. I’ve grown to find out that Steve Madden and Jessica Simpsons shoes are my fave because of the height, the cuteness, and the comfy factor. Not to mention, I have a huge size 10 foot so I always seem to catch my size in those brands on sale since the average woman does not rock the delicate size 10 shoe I do. IDK if they have a special cushion in the platform or the area where the ball of your foot goes, but it’s working! I can last all day at work and depending on where I am, hanging out all night in their shoes. I know you’re not really into high heels, but they really do have cute flats as well. So.. either route you choose, it’s a win win situation for you. Good Luck doll! BTW: Love your blog! Keep up the good work!

    • Anonymous

      “delicate size 10 shoe” <— LOVE THAT! I still wear heels even though I'm not a fan of them, so I'll be checking those brands out… xoxo

  • Adeisa

    I hate heels with a passion! I graduated today and I had to wear a pair of black heels and my feet were screaming for mercy. I really need to look into some more comfortable ones. If they didn’t hurt so much I would love them though! Some are really pretty.

  • Socialitedreams

    i like the look of them but i have lymphedema in my left foot (slightly swollen because of lymph nodes fluid) so i can’t wear most heels because my feet just don’t fit into them and look puffy. i’m 5’1 and used to being the tiny sprite of the group, completely fine with it 😀

  • mrscrisostomo

    I’m 5’3″ and have never been a heel wearer. Unfortunately, now I am faced with having to go to the Army Ball with my husband in a few weeks and it is a very formal gathering. I can’t just show up in slacks and a nice blouse or my regular sundress with flats or sandals. Also, I live on Guam and the only real stores with shoe inventories we have are Famous Footwear, Nine West, Macy’s and Ross and, if they don’t have a shipment in, I’m pretty much out of luck.

    I want to look online for something but don’t even know where to begin to look. I also have some apprehension about how comfortable the shoes will be since I can’t try them on. Any advice?

    • Anonymous :-)

  • heels, what heels

    Heels are not in my wardrobe except for 2 pairs for required wear. The boys didn’t get taller always or even often. I’m 6’1″. I can nearly always get away with flats or very low kitten heels because I can lie and say they don’t make heels in my size and people believe me. I have my grandmother’s tiny feet. She was 4’8″ and wore a size 4. I wear a 9.