Prevent Inner Thigh Chafing – No More Chub Rub!


I was leaving the gym after an evening swim and the idea of putting biker shorts/spanx back on under my dress wasn’t appealing. Its only a 10 minute walk to my apartment, I thought to myself I should be fine. So I threw a dress on over my bathing suit and left the gym with bare legs and more importantly bare inner thighs. The walk home was fine until the last block when I was sure that steam was sizzling out from under my dress because the friction from my inner thighs was creating a heat like none other.

I got home, showered, threw on a pair of yoga pants and though nothing of my 10 minute walk until I woke the next morning to HUGE painful blister/boils on my inner thighs. Chub Rub was out to get me… again!

(Remember when my jeans died a slow and painful death due to Chub Rub? If not, click here to read that story)

I’ve accepted the fact that my jeans will never last more than a year before they have holes in the inner thigh, but I’ve always been sad that in the summer I can’t go completely bare legged. I would be so jealous of the girls in little flowy skirts and I’ve even fantasized about getting the fat sucked from my inner thighs just to make my life easier.

When I have on a short skirt or dress I always have to wear biker shorts/spanx or pantyhose to keep my inner thighs from touching and I hate it!

I hate always tugging my dresses down to make sure the bottom of my spanx aren’t showing and I hate that if a guy touches my leg, I have to stop him before he gets to my “chastity belt”. Its not cute… and its annoying.

I want to be freeeee!

Last week I was catching up on my plus size fashion blogs and I saw Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel, 1.5-Ounce Tube listed on YFF. Its an anti-chafing cream and while I was pretty skeptical, I dream of spanx-less summers, so I ran out to buy it.

I’ve been using it for the last 14 days and I have had NO CHAFING! I mentioned it on twitter and someone said that the cream can also be used as a makeup primer which I tried and I really like (because I get super shiny). This cream seems to solve all my problems… its a miracle!

The $8 investment is soooo much cheaper than spanx. I use a dime size amount on the inside of each thigh and it lasts all day. I’ll usually reapply after work if I’m going out or something but that’s it. Guess I wont have to get liposuction after all!

This stuff is different from the powder gel because it’s a stick (like deodorant). I have to say… I REALLY like it! I think the deodorant style application makes sure I don’t waste any on my hands, it lasts longer and it has no odor at all. I still love the Monistat version, but its nice to know that I have options.

My perfect all day prevention process is this three-step anti-chafing regimen. Depending on your skin you may only need one of these products. I use them all:

Step One: Coconut Oil

After I get out of the shower I like to moisturize with coconut oil from the grocery store. I have some in a spray bottle that I use to spritz my body, I find that when I rub coconut oil onto my inner thighs it gives them a “slick” feeling which begins the layer of skin protection as I walk around my apartment and get dressed.

Step Two: Shea Butter

Raw Shea Butter is a natural skin protectant. If I apply Shea Butter before any “anti-chaffing” products it makes them last longer and I have to re-apply less often. I don’t like the smell of plain Shea Butter, so I purchase mine with scent infusions. (Added Bonus: Nothing wrong with a pleasant scent between your thighs, right?)

Step Three: Anti-Chaffing Balm/Gel

After I’ve coated my inner thighs with Shea Butter, I then swipe on a layer of Anti-Chaffing Balm or Gel. My favorite is Gold Bond Friction Defense (I feel it lasts the longest). I also like Monistats Powder Gel.

The only thing I carry in my purse is the product I use in the last step (balm or powder its your choice) I reapply as needed throughout the day, but if you do steps one and two that shouldn’t be too often.

Have any of you tried the Monistat Soothing Care for chafing or primer or the Gold Bond stick? How did it work for you?

How to Prevent Inner Thigh Chaffing No More Chub Rub

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  • Charon

    It is also great as a makeup primer. I use mine for both and it is a great investment for only $8.

  • Ariana

    It works great, but I hate having to apply it with my hand and getting the cream all over my fingers! Try Secret Shield by Skindura, same great result but with deodorant-like applicator!

  • Elle

    Hahaha! That so happened to me this weekend! I totally missed out on some cuddle time with a guy I’m interested in. He asked me to sit on his lap but I didn’t cause I didn’t want my mini dress to come up and him see my spanx!!

  • Nakki

    Interesting…happened to me at home, while the AC was on the fritz…I threw on some PJ pants…I will definitely have to try that…

    Thanks for talking about something that many plus sized women are embarassed about.

  • Laura


    As you might have known, I have been reading your blog and love it. I wanted to let you know that I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. To read more about what that is, just click here:

  • vonnie

    gooood to know! these thick thighs of mine need this lovely sounding product! thanks

  • Patrice

    Try some good ole baby powder when you are dressing it last all day, I am a big girl, I love dresses and baby powder is all I use.

  • Adrienne

    Chub rub seems to be the theme of the week! I too posted a blog on chub rub and a remedy I just found. The makers of the stuff I suggested loved my post so much that they’re sending me some products to giveaway on the site!

    Feel free to pop by and check it out :)

  • ML

    I have used the Monistat Soothing Powder Gel and I love it! It is sometimes hard to find at the store. I’m heading to hot and humid New Orleans soon and will definitely be buying some more of it. Spanx is no fun in that kind of weather. I find baby powder doesn’t last quite as long for me, I don’t like the smell, and I make a mess with it.
    BTW, just found your blog and it’s great!

  • Alison

    Deodorant also does the trick if you’re in a pinch. I wore short shorts to an amusement park once and was almost very sorry–until I picked up a mini deodorant from their gift shop for a dollar! Saved the day.

  • Beth @ Kitchen Minions

    I ran a 10 miler with that stuff. The best part about it is, it really soothes once you’ve done some chub rub damage. Genius.

  • V

    I’ve seen many bloggers post about an all natural “deoderant” type stick that the etsy seller has been providing to them. I’ve wanted to try that one out. I use the Monistat Powder Gel and love it but I get so paranoid about my inner thighs that I reapply probably more than I actually need to. Also, even in hot, humid, 100+ degree TX, I wear Assets (Spanx cheaper version) b/c I don’t want my butt jiggling when I walk :)

  • Monique

    CeCe– I cannot thank you enough for posting this! I had heard about it last summer and wanted to try it but couldn’t find it. Found it last night at Target (in with the Summer’s Eve and other feminine products) and tried it for the first time this morning. I think I’m in love!

  • Jackie

    I feel your pain. Chub Rub ruins my scrub pants in less than a year.

  • Thea

    I get that alot, but have never used anything but time. Btw Im from Norway, just as you know you got a norwegian girl reading your blog :-) And please dont hate me for my english.. I know its bad ..
    Why dont you post some pictures of yourself?

  • Am

    I agree with Charon. It makes an awesome makeup primer. I mostly use it for my eyelids. I also use it under my breast and sometimes thighs (I really don’t have a problem w/ chub rub). I live in southeast Louisiana and it’s always hot and humid here. You’ll instantly breakout into a sweat, this product helps to keep me cool and dry in those trouble areas.

  • ebi

    i love you very…………….

  • Lusty Sagittarian

    UNBELIEVABLE! I’m running out to find some ASAP!

  • Celt Curls

    Fabulous blog! I love in cool humid climate in coastal rainforest Alaska – probably similar to your fan from Norway with the rather excellent English. But the operative word here is -humid-. I’m impressed that someone actually makes powder work for the dreaded Chub Rub, because it melts away in 10 minutes flat for me. One thing to note, though: this is -not- just a big girl problem – it’s a curvy girl problem. I was thin for many years, & still got Chub Rub! Regardless of my weight, my thighs have curvy, athletic shape. And if you’re sitting, your thighs will be making contact, no matter how thin they are. Hence, Chub Rub joy for all. I am running my fingers to to look for this now.

  • J

    Alison is right. Deodorant also works very well. And you already have deodorant.

    • Goodangelstnt

      ….or should lol

  • Shana

    I tend to get horrible hives that itch like crazy if I don’t were tights or spanx in the summer. And nothing is less attractive than a woman scratching her inner thighs. So I was thrilled to discover the powder gel. I LOVE IT! Like you said – it works perfectly. I can never find it in a store, but carries it and I order three or four tubes and they last forever.

  • jessiO

    yayyy its a relief to know there is a product out there for this…I honestly never even looked for anything (thats my fault) but reading this makes me want to jump and go to the 24hr. drug store up the street….NOW! :)

  • Cat

    After getting WAY too hot in the summer with the spanx, I discovered cotton pettipants to wear under skirts and dresses. They are nice and airy and look kinda like a slip skirt, but pants, so they protect the inner thigh. I buy mine on amazon. Just another option for those who don’t have the powder gel.

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  • Vanessa

    Ever tried corn starch? I just did, and it works wonders. I just carry a bottle of it in my purse in case, but I usually don’t need to apply it twice. Just be careful if you’re wearing dark colors !

  • steve

    I’m a guy 5’7″, 180, my thighs are 24″,and I’ve benn working them two times a week for a year now . I want to grow them to at least 28″maybe 30″, I already like the feeling of them rubbing together a bit, I can wait until there’s major rub. I’ll let you know when i’m there.

  • Lurrian

    Your blog is incredible. I thought I was the only person in the world with this problem…I HAVE USED POWDER, CORNSTARCH, LIQUID POWDER. To no avail still the rubbing. But ASAP

  • Lurrian

    Sorry about that…im going to go out and look for this product. The positive feedback is giving confidence that it will work. So glad I found this blog again THANX!!!!

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  • Anansi

    I have this problem, but nothing seems to work for me! I get so much chafing due to the scrubs I have to wear at work. I’ve tried lotion, Vaseline, sun block, and deodorant to keep my thighs from chafing. I still haven’t found anything, and it’s so very painful..

  • Gamerchic Rachel

    Hey, I love this idea, I am going to look into it, but I am not sure it is going to work for me. Either I have gotten use to it or Im not doing enough when I were dresses that this kind of “chud rub” doesnt seem to bother me, but after two years of being a stay at home mom, with out a vehical, there for no way to get anywere to often I have gone back to school this week and after three days of wearing jeans that fit as well as jeans will fit right now I can barly walk because of the horrible blistering I have o my inner thighs were the seam of my pants has rubbed on the fat right there. I am dreading putting jeans on next week, but I dont want to wear yogo pants all the time and it is way too cold in Il to wear dresses and skirts right now. Any ideas?

    • Anonymous

      Hey, congrats on going back to school!!! How about leggings under a dress? Still warm, but seamless! xoxo

    • Bbyq

      this is probably too late for you but you can wear dresses and skirts in the winter, just pair them with some tights (layer em on if its cold) and some boots with high socks/leg warmers. instant winter cutie.

  • Jesse

    I just wanted to let you know that you have completely changed my life. ‘Chub rub’ as you so endearingly put it, has plagued my life for years. I too am a big girl, and the more I got chub rub from just walking or going to the gym, the less I exercised and the more weight I would gain and thus, worse chub rub. I felt like it was ruining my life, I couldn’t lose weight because one day exercising meant three days house bound to heal. It was ruining my youth, stopping me going out or keeping fit, always having to wear pants and then always having them wear crotch holes. Of course I used skins sometimes to prevent chafing but that wasn’t 100% effective, and gave me awful muffin tops. I stumbled across this blog because I was heading to the tropical paradise of Mauritius and wanted to be able to wear skirts and dresses freely. A month before I left I tried 3B action cream (an austalian version of your option) I didn’t even know things like that existed! I now wear skirts, summer dresses and sarrongs! I am chub rub free! Thankyou so much. These creams should pay you in commission! My next goal is to get fit again!

    • Youpenga

      Oh my days, I am 25 and have been suffering the chub rub all my life pretty much, and have resorted to always wearing shorts under any dressed and things, which is not the most sexy thing in the world lol! But I am travelling in Oz now, and just wish I could embrace this weather freely! Without having to always cover up so I can walk two steps without rubbing thighs!! Thank you so much for posting about this Oz version! Please please if you are still about would you let me know where you get it from?
      Thanks so so so much :)
      Candy xxx

  • Tiffany Merriman
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  • Cassandra Grube

    My husband and I are going on a cruise and I’ve been worried about this issue. Thank you so much for posting this. Definitely going to buy some this weekend.

  • Payton_vege

    Amazing write-up! This could aid plenty of people find out more about this particular issue. Are you keen to integrate video clips coupled with these? It would absolutely help out. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals. I can simply direct them here!

  • Rainblusky

    I hate the feel of the lotions and gel’s I wear ThighGlide for chafing it work’s great and I cut mine in half so I get double the wear’s. They can be found at

  • Marnie

    I tried all of the creams and gels out there but nothing ever worked on me for more than a few minutes…so I decided to create Thigh Society ( which are chic, sleek, lightweight shorts to wear under skirts, dresses and pants for all-day comfort. Thigh Society is NOT shapewear; these super soft and breathable cotton/bamboo blend underwear will protect inner thighs from irritation and banish dreaded “chub rub” for good! Perfect for spring and summer, and all year long.

    Thigh Society is made in Canada and runs in sizes S-4XL (size 4- 30). We ship internationally and our shipping rates are very reasonable. See what others are saying on our Facebook page at:

  • Thigh runner

    I decided to start running again today.. Did a 1 hour workout in my swimming pool instead, and didn’t notice that I was rubbing my thighs raw!! Felt the pain once I got out. By tonight I figured it would be time to go on good old Google to find an answer, and that’s how I got to your blog. Just spent five embarrassing minutes in the femenine yeast infection cure isle at Wal-Mart (I’m a guy), but I managed to come out with a tube of the Monistat soothing chafing cream! Applied it to the inner thighs and….ahhhhhhh relief! I’m going to go for a run tomorrow and see if this stuff will keep my thighs from starting a pant fire. Thanks!

    • Thigh runner

      UPDATE: I’ve been going for an hour walk on the beach every morning for the last week. The monistat soothing chafing cream works!! No more chub-rub, even during a hot, sweaty, Florida beach walk!

    • Sammiie

      I just wanted to say: LMFAO to your awkward experience in the yeast infection isle. xD

  • Allison@thecrazyfat

    I am so excited by this product that I had to feature you and it on my blog. BLESS YOU WOMAN!

  • Pink_princess1010

    For curing chub rub use a mixture of baby oil gel and an acne cream with benzoyl peroxide I just use the generic rite aid brand, isn’t a prevention method but cures the pain.

  • obi

    You saved my life thank you so much. I thought I was the only one with this problem, then later I discovered the name of it and then I found your blog. I’m so happy you were so honest… you’ve just saved many peoples live. I believe if we all lose weight this problem will go away, when I was thinner I never dealt with this problem but when I gained this happened.

  • obi

    I have found what you can do when you deal with chafing. I have this oil, it’s more like cooked coconut oil. brown in color. In my island we make medicine mixed with coconut oil. Before bedtime skip the undies and apply this oil. Let it set in, meaning no walking out the room for a few minutes if you plan to go outside. next morning I’m healed.

  • Lspea001

    You know deodorant works great also just slab that on your inner thighs and bam no chaffing

    • whitney

      deodorant makes it worse for me…it makes them extra grippy

      • emyno

        doesnt work well for me. I use deodorant when Im out dancing Salsa only. Otherwise I have to use bike shorts.

    • Sammiie

      Don’t work for me either – makes it grimey and more slimey-feeling but yet sticky – anyway, it still don’t work for mee.

      Powder works…. until you start sweating, which then yeah. no more.

  • Luella26

    An old dancer trick is to use dove deodorant – powder fresh I would recommend. It contains the same ingredient as diaper rash ointment and provides lube. Not to mention helping reduce any sweating and leaving a pleasant smell. Also it leaves your skin so smooth from any razor burn etc.

  • Leesha

    I am soo going to get this TODAY! I’m not a very big girl, but my thighs are thunder. Shorts, forget it, unless they’re bermuda! Dresses, oh how I love thee. Not the after affect. I wear shorts nderneath on occasion, but always pulling my dress down for fear of them peeping out! Hoping it works wonders!

    • Brett Young

      I’m with you, girl. Not a big girl but built.

    • Leah Schwartz

      Same… it sucks. Even at my smallest I had this issue

  • Anonymous

    I just went and bout sum today so we will see how it works :)

  • UK Chick

    My thighs had a nasty outbreak of chub rub first since last summer, I only seem to suffer in the heat and this annual unwelcome surprise leaves me immobile for days. After some desperate google searches I found this and it is a god send! While awaiting my Monistat delivery (which I hope will bring the end to this nightmare) I have tried using deodorant and for the first time I can walk pain free while my inner thighs are healing. I am so excited for this summer now hoping I have finally found the solution to all my chub rub problems. Thank-you Xx

  • Joe1davis

    Degree anti-perspirant….stick ….been using it for years…works great.

    • emyn

      you have to reapply for lots of times. So lets say, I go out dancing salsa, which requires you wear skirts to some fancy clubs, that means I have to carry the deodorant with me in my purse. Im busy dancing non-stop!! waste of time, since most bathrroms are always full of girls. While these girls are in the bathroom, I get dance time!!

  • Jayster89

    OK i just want to say that i never usually post on any such sites but in this case you literally saved my life. i have been dealing with chub rub for well ever! and i thought i had it under control until i started my new job! i work in a kitchen and as you can imagine it gets hot as hell in there. well to leave some details out i had the worst chubrub in my life i literally could not walk after work. today i went and bought this magic ointment it saved my life and am so so so thankful to you! thank you and i will be a happier person because of you!!!!

  • Thigh high

    As a guy who has terrible chafing right now, I appreciate this post so much. Thank you, CeCe

  • educator

    What about when you’re going swimming and NEED to not have chub rub? Will these products work at a swim park?

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  • Paulette Jackson

    Hi all, I have been using the Monistate Soothing Care Powder Gel for a few years now and it is the cat’s meow! I can testify to being a sexy mama with junk in my trunk (and thighs unfortunately) and it works. Stock up ladies and let the bare legs roll (shaving required – – wink wink)

  • Moksha

    I’m sure we can all agree that lotions are a bandaid solution.
    And so is lipo suction.
    You have to eat better and less, and exercise regularly.
    Those thighs rubbing might even be the first change you notice!

    • ChubRub

      Some of us are “morbidly obese” and trying to loose weight and are eating right like myself. However, it is a journey that can not be completed in a day. In the meantime, I have been exercising and experiencing “chub rub” to the point that the sores open up. It makes it hard to exercise if you end up in so much pain from it. I have resorted to putting cloth medical tape on the open wounds. Not fun.

    • Tania Lopez

      You’re in lala land! This is something that affects people of all sizes. I am not fat and the only way to get enough distance between my thighs is if I starved myself.

    • Susan

      Duh, I’m not fat, not at all-in fact I look darn good if I may say so myself, but my thighs have always touched. ALWAYS! It’s just the way my body is shaped. So lipo suction might actually work for me… anyway, this is a great product that I use in the summer when the heat gets the best of my inner thighs. Kudos to anyone here to who is working hard to be healthy and looks good too. I know it’s hard and takes a lot of work! Please don’t listen to this idiot, who obviously can’t think outside the box. :)

    • emyn

      this has nothing to do with being overweight. I had always this problem since I was 6 years old. & I was not overweight. Its a genetic thing.

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  • Teacup

    What If I have chaffing scars and blister scars from 6 or 8 years ago? Do you know anything I can do about that?

  • BurtyBum

    I am so happy that I have found this blog!! I’m going to work in a summer camp in Bulgaria and was dreading having to wear long trousers constantly due to painful and bleeding thighs (combination of being chubby and having very sensitive skin, awful!!). Hopefully if this works I won’t be as apprehensive of going out and walking places. Therefore the chub rub will eventually melt off. Thank you!!

  • Benjwg

    Idiots think its chub rub

    I have 8% Body fat and I get chafing on inner thighs.

    Your answer = Wear better/ more clothing or dont walk without pants on… agreed?

    • Jethrotull


    • Pix


    • Domineque

      yah cause we’re just going to stope wearing skirts cause you said so. how about instead we share what works for us so some other people dont have to suffer. kinda like we’re doing now having to read your obnoxious reply.

    • BigBernard

      0% tact too

  • colourmehonest

    I know this comment seems rather out of place as this article is over a year old, but I have literally been too embarrassed to ask anyone about how to prevent this problem, I mean, when talking about a burning rash between your legs, people generally get the wrong idea, but holy cow, SO many people are affected by “chub rub”. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with this because not only do my thighs feel better, I also don’t feel embarrassed anymore, YAY confidence!

    • Anonymous

      Not out of place at ALL, its never too late to comment 😉 xoxo

    • Shannon M


  • ajwilliams

    Any idea how to care for it after it happens? I’ll definitely try this.

    • Domineque

      try diaper rash cream…sounds weird I know but it is the best stuff ever >.< I've been using it for years and you just need a really small amount so it lasts forever also.

    • emyn

      awful pain and it takes time to heal. need to wear cotton bike shorts or boxer shorts, use triple antibiotic cream.

  • Domineque

    vaseline works great too and you can get the travel size at walmart for a dollar. if you already have a rash you can use diper rash and it’ll clear it up real quick. I’ve heard of using deoderant and chapstick if you’re in a pinch.

  • Bye bye chub rub!

    It’s about a year later since you’ve posted this, but I have to say THANK you for the recommendation !
    I’ve been working really hard to change my eating and workout. I’ve managed to lose about 70 pounds so far. I have a little ways to go, but chub rub often stops me from working out daily. I look forward to trying this particular product… It seems fantastic. I’ve tried all sorts of products, mostly powders, and none have helped. I can’t wait to try this!

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  • violet

    i use it and i love it. i am gonna try it as a makeup primer soon. i cannot wear dresses without this product. now i need to know how to get rid of old chafing marks.

  • Fiorella Murillo

    I love you ! I have the same problem and it is so awful not being able to wear mini skirts, shorts and feel miserable wearing tights because of your legs……in a SUMMER IN TX! 105F but wearing tights. WAY TO GO FIO!

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  • Petals416

    Thank you!!! My husband works in a factory and it is HOT!!! His thighs are soooo raw and sore he’s walking funny. Googled around and found you, chub rub, love it! I’m a big girl myself but don’t do the skirt thing because of it. I have some cute skirts I would love to break back out and will as soon as I go to the store today for a few tubes of this miracle. I can’t wait to soothe my husband with a Monistat product, tee hee…

  • curvy

    Oh, bless you for blogging this!! I have been plagued with chubrub for as long as I can remember – even now that I have lost 100 pounds – it is still happneing!
    I have tried using baby powder/cornstarch, which helps, but not totally, and only lasts for a little while. I have actually made myself some bloomers to wear under skirts, but then I can’t wear shorter skirts. I am heading out to the drugstore right NOW – hope I can find this product!!

  • curve girl

    Overweight or not I have always suffered with “chub rub”, and as I’m going to a very hot and humid place for a vacation, I decided to google some answers to this problem… Now I am anxious to leave my work and run to the store…. Can’t wait to try it! Just one question, as a make up primer, does it also help with face sweating and stoping running make up?

  • Chubbyandhurting

    Thank you so much! I’ll be purchasing some of this after work tonight (or heck, maybe I’ll stop in early and get some, chances are I’ll need it today, I have for the past week *sigh*

  • imjustagirl

    i hate when this happens to me , Just recently i went on a mile long walk , And the day sucked because of it , Chafing sucks , I have been using monistat in fact i put on some a few minutes ago , But it is really soothing like it said it would be . I also use body glide . PLease SOMEONE HELP ME THE PAIN IS HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shannon M

    Chafe Away ThighGlide Body Wraps cut to fit body ANTI- chafing

  • beifong

    Why didn’t you just wear boxer briefs for girls?

    • swangirl

      theyre not long enough!

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  • horndog

    you can use plain cornstarch works great for me

    • emyn

      not for me… it goes away in seconds.

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  • Tawdry Hepburnn

    I’ve discovered shea butter works well during a chub rub incident. Definately soothes the pain a bit. There’s a company that makes it in a stick form (like a large chap stick)

  • Sadie Mae

    I *heart* you for this post.
    *heart* *heart* *heart*

  • Gulnara

    Hi, I had chafing problems for years and forgot when it was last time I worn skirts or dresses in summer but recently I found Bandelettes – lace thigh bands which prevent chafing. I am so happy with these bands that I started telling everybody about this little garment. Look sexy, work effectively, my husband loves them. I worn them first time on my B-day party with nice evening dress and after about an hour I realized that I was not sure if I still had them in place. I had to go to the bathroom to check and they were there. I forgot to mention – they are non slip, don’t slip down, don’t move. love it!I purchased them on they have Facebook page too.

  • AngieNicholson

    I know you posted this a couple of years ago, but I was looking for something to help and wow it really does! I wasn’t always a big girl, but I never had a thigh-gap which meant “chub rub” even when I was skinny and I’ve been dealing with this for about 10 years now so wow it was just a huge relief, thank you so much!

  • CarrieRae

    Have you heard? Undersummers Shortlettes are comfortable panty shorts made to wear under dresses with a stay-put, anti-chafe leg.

  • Marnie Consky

    I created Thigh Society ( anti-chafing panty shorts as THE solution to chub-rub: breathable, lightweight and super comfy, so you can wear ’em all day long.

  • Big Girl In Mississippi

    I didn’t know what I would do when I began walking 3 miles every day and I got HORRIBLE chub rub from moving so much. I thought I was going to have to give up walking because the pain was so bad. I tried Vaseline, Neosporin, lotion, another layer of shorts…nothing worked. When I was ready to give up totally, I found your blog and your entry about this chafing gel/powder. I immediately went to my local Walmart and found it. I bought it without any hesitation. I was eager to try out my newfound cure as I paid for my purchase and headed to the restroom in pain from chub rub. I put some on and viola! IT WORKED! Immediately! I felt like I had hit the lottery jackpot! I use it every day and now I can walk comfortably and I have lost 20 pounds. Thank you so much for this! Without you, I would have been in pain forever!

  • Brittany Havens

    Why would you even want to show your legs, or wear low cut tops, when, as Ce Ce mentioned, a guy would touch her on her legs. Wouldn’t you rather save all that for one guy? your future husband? In fact, you see all these men all the time going after women in these skimpy outfits. Wouldn’t he much rather dump you, when he sees a woman wearing something he likes a little better. Why not wait for the guy who wants a woman who actually dresses modestly, and yes, that includes things like no low cut tops.

    • swangirl

      Well that wasn’t really the point of the post… but surely you can understand that it would be preferable to choose to stop him if you wanted to, rather than because you felt embarrassed in what you’re wearing

    • GenderlessMutant

      ^ totally missed the point of this post.

  • Bill

    I havnt had it bad my whole life just the last few years where i have not excercised and i blame only myself for my weight issue but i tottally understand the pain and rash that smells awful just below groin, i sometimes feel like i can’t even walk and im 20, its so depressing, i havnt looked for the cream but finding spanx is hard or im not looking hard enough, i got some elasticated jogger trousers and the material is soft cotton so i pull it up between my legs and it works, not the same for jeans i wear jeans more than anything and they get groin rip i need a quick fix until i feel able to lose weight again

  • swangirl

    Actually smiled all the way through this post as I could just completely relate! Have never been bigger than a 12/14 but it has been a problem for me since I was a child, and wore ugly ‘cycling’ shorts under my skirts all through primary school and secondary school- all of which (as you mentioned) were visible, meaning I was bombarded with ‘why are you wearing those?’ …but how do you explain to someone politely (and in a PG way) about how your upper thighs rub together and get really sore when you walk? It’s just awkward and they probably would wish they’d never asked! Ha. But doi, I never thought to just Google the problem so maybe I deserved this annoyance all these years!! Tried to order myself some of the stuff you recommended, but in England its crazy expensive so I found a similar alternative- Bodyguide Anti-Chafe Skin Formula, so hoping it will help when it arrives! Thanks for being so encouraging. I totally agree that having to wear shorts is really defeminising, and it has got me down for years. However I recently decided shorts dont have to be ugy and looked online for some cute ones instead, in different colours and some even have a strip of lace around the bottom of the short which makes it much more of a fashion choice than an embarrassing medical necessity when the wind blows! Much love! Amy, longterm chafe sufferer, London

  • Amy

    So I went to WalMart to find it but they didn’t have it and neither did shoppers drug Mart in Canada. The pharmacist said that lanicane sells it so I tried it tonight. I can’t believe I never knew about this! I can wear skirts now!

  • Thighlettes

    Try Thighlettes™, lace bands that you can wear under a skirt of dress.

  • Marissa

    You’re a life saver with this one! As a fellow chub-rub victim I’m used to applying deodarent to my thighs for VERY temporary help. And since my husband and I are returning to disney world again soon (last year I spent a week in pain because I wore a dress on plane and got the worse chub rub of my life walking around the airport.) I decide to look up some better advice. You are my hero…. I’m so glad my thighs won’t have to strapped down with spandex shorts this vacation!

  • Ryker

    I am a 25 year old female, and i work outside with advertising and a lot of pacing back and forth. And, today it was really nice out but my somewhat tight pants were rubbing my thighs a lot more today. And, now it hurts to walk bc of all the clothes no matter what i wear its irritating the skin. And, I dont know how to make it any easier on me

  • Chrystal Bougon

    I own a plus size lingerie store called Curvy Girl and we recommend silicone lube for the chub rub. I personally like the Eros silicone lube. A teeny tiny drop lasts and lasts and it won’t sweat off either. Plus it leaves your inner thighs silky soft. I have not tried the monistat yet but I have heard good things. Thanks for the great blog!

  • Sue

    Great tip! Thanks!

  • Laura

    Cannot thank you enough! Relieved to find out about the available products and to know I am not the only chub rub person in the world! :)

  • emz

    Hey- I’ve been suffering from this since I was a kid. Its caused my thighs to turn a dark colour. I didn’t have any of that powder and ended using an ointment for burns. It worked over night. Now I’m afraid to put deodorant till I find the gel, though…. Anyone knows where to get it in Canada?

  • Beth

    I really wish everyone would stop advocating Monistat. The company is one of the harshest in animal testing. Not cool. And also, I’ve found more luck with BodyGlide than any other chub rub remedy.

  • Brett Young

    Ladies, have any of you ever tried “glide”? It’s marketed toward long distance runners to prevent their nipples and panty lines chafing. My brother in law uses it to prevent the dreaded chafe. You should be able to find it at REI.

  • ChristinaC

    I just found this through Refinery29 while scrolling through my newsfeed! My younger sister and I were talking about this yesterday! I always tell my friends how she could be a model with her physique, but we both have this problem. Our mother always used to say we have “athletic” things, while I sometimes lovingly refer to them as thunder thighs. Anyways, I don’t wear dresses or skirts a lot, but two days in a row now, I have had a dress on and the chub rub is irritating as all get out! Next time I’m at the drug store, I am going to try the Gold Bond stick and see how it goes! Thank you CeCe, for being bold, brave, and sharing all of your awesome helpful tips! I will be following your blog regularly from now on!

  • MI Girl Loves Pink

    Interesting and very helpful! I’ve suffered from this prob since junior high! Only last year did I try my son’s Aquaphor! I use it to prevent diaper rash. One day, a lightbulb went off and I thought why not try it? I’ve been (mostly) spanx free since!! I will say it is a tad greasy, but a little goes a long way. It’s cheap (Target makes a generic form) and isn’t embarrassing to keep in my office desk for emergency application (it’s a skin protectant, after all).

  • Leah Schwartz

    Even when I only weighed 125 I had friction issues because in Miami the heat is disgusting and so is the humidity :(

  • Candace

    Thank you so much! I’m getting Monistat TODAY. BTW, even when I was 115 lbs, I had chub rub. It has to do with the way you’re built. Thick and thin folks have chub rub.

  • Sam

    These totally saved my life this summer!!!

  • rubbing runner

    While I haven’t yet tried the Monistat stuff, but finding BodyGlide literally changed my life. While not an especially large girl, I have serious thunder-thighs, and when I moved to the east coast, they got to know each other in a whole new way. I went to a running store practically in tears over how much pain I was in & they sold me the waxy deodorant-looking stick, and I now live by it. Chub rub, get out of our lives!

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  • Krystal

    I use gold bond same as above and love it. Helps heal the rubbing once it’s happened too. Gonna have to try other products to see if I like them too. :)

  • Sam

    I get “chub rub” really bad Im bigger than most but im not all that bi, but my thighs rub together causing swelling, scarring and scabs and I hate it!! It’s so unpleasant and I usually can’t walk after I get it cause it hurts so much! I hope this helps

    • Sam


  • Martha

    Thanks for this CeCe! This can potentially save my life (er…thighs)! Just one question: do I have to worry about staining my clothes with any of these products? Thank you!

  • JenniD

    I know this is an old post, but I’m just coming across it…how long do these products last? I’m traveling to Disney and would love to wear some maxi skirts but am afraid that it won’t last through all through at walking! I’m sure some re-application would be necessary but don’t want to do it every 20 minutes!

    • Sav

      For me, one application from the Gold Bond anti chafing stick can last several hours. One stick has lasted me months and has truly changed how I dress :) Good luck!

  • Rachel

    I’m sooooo late but so glad I found this! I’m going to Disneyland this summer and will be doing LOTS of walking all day. I’m praying this works because I do not want to have to wear Bermuda shorts to keep my thighs comfortable! They don’t flatter me. If anyone is still on this, how much walking did you do before you had to reapply?

    • Allison

      k so I’m replying to you because idk if the people from 3 years ago are still on this thread, but do you know if there’s any solutions that won’t slide off/will last really long? I don’t normally chafe, but I do during my long runs (I’m talking like 4 hours of nonstop running here, so it gets bad). I’m worried with just moisturizers anything I put on will be pretty much gone by the end… I didn’t even know chafing was a thing until I started long runs, so I can’t really answer your question, for me, my thighs barely touch, so it’s not a day to day issue. Thanks!

      • Aldi

        The best solution I find for me deodorant