I Hate Men Sometimes


Note: Since I started dating Robert, I haven’t had any single/dating stories to share. Those stories are so much fun, so I thought I’d share a story from before I became a boring relationship girl 😉 Here goes:

The air inside of Belmont Lounge was thick with sweat and smoke. My hair was glued to my face with perspiration and there were bodies pressed against me from every angle… I was having the time of my life!

I’m a huge fan of Reggae music, so when my Jamaican friend, Bettyann, invited me to a Dancehall party I jumped at the chance to go. We hadn’t stopped dancing since we walked in and if I didn’t know how Jamaican men felt about Plus Size Princesses before, I knew now! All I had to do was move my body to the sexually charged beats and every few songs a different guy would approach me. Some would quietly take my hand and intertwine their bodies with mine. Others would slip behind me and slide their hands over my hips and soon we’d be moving in-sync to whatever song was blasting through the speakers on either side of the room.

This went on for hours, until I decided that I needed a break. I grabbed a bottle of water and leaned against the wall to cool down. As I stood sipping my water, I felt someones fingertips on my thigh. I looked to my left and standing next to me was a beautiful man with shoulder length locks. His back was against the wall, but his pelvis was pushed up slightly and there was a curvy cutie “winding” on him. (For anyone who doesn’t know, “winding” is the equivalent of giving a lap-dance while standing up).

Because the Curvy Cutie was dancing with her back to him, she had no idea that he was trying to get my attention. I looked up at him and he gave me a sexy smile, “hi” he mouthed. I gave an embarrassed smile and looked away. I kept my eyes averted, but soon, those fingertips were creeping up my thigh again. This guy was so incredibly attractive, even though I wanted to walk away and find someone else to dance with… it was as if the light touch of his fingertips were pinning me against the wall.

Between sips of water, I would give shy glances at my dread-locked friend and every time I looked over, his eyes were glued to me even though he was thrusting his pelvis on another girls behind.

I knew it was silly, but I was basking in the attention of this beautiful man. I was hoping that he and Curvy Cutie would get bored with each other after a few songs and then he and I could dance.

I decided I would be patient and wait.

Just as the thrill of his fingertips was beginning to wear thin, the Curvy Cutie turned around, whispered something to him and walked away. I stood quietly and waited for him to dance with me, but he didn’t move. I looked into his sleepy brown eyes and he looked around the room a few times before leaning into my ear and saying.

“That’s my girlfriend I’m dancing with…”

I rolled my eyes and started to walk away, but he caught my wrist and leaned into my ear again, “give me your number and I’ll call you tomorrow.” I pulled my wrist away and headed back to the bar for something stronger than water.

I hate men sometimes.

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  • Jess

    Curvy cutie I think that’s a new term for me, I’m liking it!

  • http://www.rhapso-DY.com Rhapso_DY

    You went on a Sunday night? Next time, I wanna go! I love that place! <3 And yes, I'm a man-hater 24/7. THEY SUCK. I'm beginning to lose my hope for them.

  • http://www.justmewith.com Roxanne

    Oh my. They’re not all dogs. But dayum. That just wasn’t right.

  • Doll

    you and me both

  • http://www.generationwater.org Cindy A.

    LOL @ Roxanne’s comment :)

  • http://shesopinionated.com B.Good

    Yeah, men suck (sometimes, but a bit too often for my liking).

  • KMac

    Ah, yes. Jamaican men. I spent three weeks in Jamaica studying abroad, and a taxi driver really introduced me to how some Jamaican men think. He was, in essence, pushing my three classmates and me into his taxi next to the road. Whenever you get into a taxi in Jamaica with a group of people, the biggest person is told to sit in the front. So, my friend, who is a PSP, was asked to sit in the front…again. The rest of us felt a little bad about it, because she didn’t like always being the one in the front, and on this particular day, we all pretty much looked at her and said “sorry”, cause we knew it was obnoxious to her. Our taxi driver, however, started to talk about his love for big, beautiful women. He pointed to my friend in the front and me, also a PSP, and said “I love big women! If I could, I would have a woman as big as this road” (which was about the size of an American country road). Then he pointed to my friend and I again and said “you two I would take”, then pointed to my other thinner classmates and said “those two, not so much”. It was probably the most hilarious and simultaneously strangest experience we had in regards to what some Jamaican men prefer in women. It was awesome.

  • http://quarterforherthoughts.com IntrigueMe

    Ugh- men suck! There’s nothing worse than a cheater. Good for you for walking away!!!

  • Elle

    Puh-lease. At the moment he touched me WHILE dancing with another girl, I woulda been over it. That was your clue right there.

  • Mad

    I know this so-called man named Lindsey. He is a real piece of work. Complimented me, you look attractive, etc. You can do better when it came to how frustrated I was with my spouse. Hugged me when I was down. And then he has the nerve to say that I misunderstood him. That I am to blame for how I feel about him. What a f*&%ing a$#hole! He played me like a fiddle. When I tried to find closure and quit him so to speak, he opened up the lines of communication again by saying how he was feeling pressured. Sucked me right back in. I cared for this jerk! What a fool am I! I hope he gets some sort of disease and his dick falls off! If I’m really lucky I hope someone breaks his heart just like he did mine. He is a true player! Watch out for this one!