Have You Lost Weight?


As I continue to work towards dropping the pounds, I’m realizing that the scale isn’t the only way to tell if I’ve lost weight. We all know that sometimes the scale wont budge even when we’re doing everything right, so here are a few things I’d suggest doing to keep encouraged.

  1. Put a Ring on It! I have a ring that I’ve worn every day since I was 16. Lately the ring has started to turn on my finger. Its loose! Which means my fingers are getting smaller.


  1. Buy a Belt I bought a belt when I began my weight loss attempts this year. Every time I put it on, I count how many loops in I’m wearing it. In January it was 9 loops in… now its 12! Even when the scale doesn’t budge, I know my tummy’s shrinking. You can also buy a pair of jeans (like Marisota womens jeans) in a size or two down and try them on each month to see how they fit. I have a pair of jeans that I finally got up over my hips and that felt soooo good!


  1. Ask “The Twins” I went bra shopping last week and I couldn’t buy anything! the “DDD” was a little too big but the “DD” was still too small. Although I hate to say good-bye to my boobies, they’re usually the first things to go when I’m dropping weight.


  1. Listen to Your Friends When people start randomly telling you how good you look… its probably code for “you’re losing weight”.


  1. Look in the Mirror If you think your face is slimmer, it probably is! Trust your observations and the scale will catch up!


How do YOU measure weight loss without the scale?

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  • http://www.blackgirlunlost.com Jubilance

    I went home this past weekend, and caught up with some friends I hadn”t seen in a long time. One friend hugged me & “OMG where did you go! You’re shrinking!” I like the sound of that.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mikaboo1 Temika

    I’ve been working out for the past 6 weeks and I don’t really feel like I haven’t lost any weight at all. I do have moments when I might slip off my diet and eat unhealthy things, but I feel like I go to the gym and work it right off. I only work out 4x a week. I’ve noticed that when I first started working out, I would wake up the next day and feel like I couldn’t walk because my ankles were so swollen. But now, I feel little to no pain. And another thing that bothers me is I didn’t measure myself before I started this workout plan, so I’m not sure if I’ve lost anything or not. But Cece, I’m glad that things are working out for u as far as the weight loss is concerned 😀

  • ShoeJunkie

    Bracelets. I”m not able to buy bracelets that I couldn’t fit into before and my old ones are falling off!

  • ShoeJunkie

    Now able*

  • http://www.dietstarts2mrw.com Dietstarts2mrw

    I’m all about how my jeans fit! I can totally tell if I’m up or down depending on how tight they are.

  • http://nandoism.com Dating Blogger @ Nandoism

    I do use a scale–but I use one that measures muscle vs fat. And that my dear, is a scale everyone should own–because as you loose weight, (and you are working out & eating healthy) you gain MUSCLE! And muscle weighs more than fat. So I can gain 4 lbs in 2 weeks and loose 2 inches off my waist! It’s a great journey that you’re taking. Good work!

  • http://rebkas.blogspot.com/ Kas

    Found your blog thru another and this post came at the right time– I was feeling very discouraged and you helped me see that I AM making a difference with my new choices!!

    Thank You!!

  • http://luxelittlethings.blogspot.com Tee

    Great tips! One of the things I hate about the struggle to lose weight is that when you start to gain muscle it almost gives off the illusion that you’re not making any progress! Especially when you’re trying to wiggle into those skinny jeans. 😉

  • YoursTruly

    I always do the jean thing as well, but usually when I wash my jeans they feel tight any ways. I do weigh myself almost every morning. You are lighter in the morning and when the number comes up less than yesterday, I feel like I could be in a great mood all day!

    I am so glad I found your blog!

  • http://twitter.com/ImJustSharon Sharon

    I usually measure the way I feel. I have been struggling w/weightloss for the past 5 years where my weight has fluctuated w/in 15 pounds. I am trying to break this 15lb wall. Most cases, I analyze the way that I feel when i wake up in the morning (aches/pains), my pants/top for looseness, my ring size as you stated. I also look in the mirror at my posture. I stand taller when I have less stomach. (lol) I evaluate my exercise regimen….can I handle more cardio/strength training.

  • http://richclubgirl.com Rich Girl

    I also check my weight loss with my rings ans also with my watch. When it feels tight I know it is time to go on diet.

  • http://www.travistac.com/ Andrew Anderson

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