Curvy Conversations: Big & Tall Chicks



Im extremely new to your blog! I just found it today! Anyways, I was wondering if you find that being a BBW and being tall (I’m also 5’10) is like a double whammy??? I’ll keep reading so that I’m caught up! Maybe you can post some things from a tall woman’s perspective???


Dear StayDreaming (what a cute name!),

*deep sigh*

Being both plus size and tall is a “double whammy” for sure!

Since there’s a 99.5% chance that I will be wider than any man I date, is it too much to ask that he be taller than me?

You’re timing is excellent because I’ve actually been working on a new segment for TBGB called Deal Breakers. It will begin this week and the first Deal Breaker up for discussion will be… Height!

So… Stay Dreaming and Stay Tuned!


P.S. We haven’t had a Curvy Conversation in so long! I miss hearing from you guys… if you have a question, comment or want advice email me:

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  • StayDreaming

    AH! I made it into a post! Thanks for the compliment! And YES, its the least the guy could do by being taller lol. i'll definitely be waiting for that new one! But you know what? I find that the personality that I'm most atrracted to comes in little TINY men…lol that's so unnecessary