“Diet Coke And A Pizza Please”


Every big girl has their own way of dealing with their weight.

Some use humor or self deprecation, making comments about their weight before someone else can.

I myself choose to ignore it.

I mean, inwardly its something I constantly think about, but outwardly I dont acknowledge my weight. Until I began writing here, my weight was something I just didnt talk about.

A few Sundays ago, I was having brunch with my skinny (and closest) girlfriends Kenzie, Annie and Emilie at Kenzies apartment. As we sat sipping mimosas and catching up, there was a lull in the conversation.

At that moment this song came on:


I suddenly got the urge to jump up and dance around the room to this glorious anthem… but I didn’t.

I did come home and turn it on for a liberating solo dance in my apartment.

I invite you to do the same… You’re Beautiful!


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  • http://www.squidoo.com/curvychics Moe

    I love that song! There’s another one by the Bratt girls I really love too (a little black girl sung it on the ER-fabulous).

  • Anonymous

    Please write more! I love hearing about your experiences!!!