A BBW… Party?!?! (Part One)


I don’t have any plus size friends.

So, when my friend Ken brought his friend Paige to the movies one night I was surprised to see that she too was a Plus Size Princess. We hit it off and exchanged contact information.

A few days later she called and asked what I was doing that weekend. I didn’t have any plans.

“Have you ever been to a BBW party?”

“A what?”

I had no idea what she was talking about, so she explained that there are clubs dedicated to Big Beautiful Women (and men) and the guys (or girls) who love them.

I was speechless.

I flashed back to all the times I had gone out with my girlfriends and watched as they danced with guy after guy, while I was usually ignored. If there was a club that celebrated girls like me, that would change everything.

Paige said that she and her friend Reese would pick me up on Saturday night and we would all go out to “DIVAS”.

I spent the rest of the week deciding what I should wear. I finally decided on a knee length black halter dress with bright pink heels.

Paige and Reese pulled up to my apartment at 10pm and by 10:45 I was entering a night-club where I was the rule and not the exception.

We walked straight to the bar for a round of martinis. As I fished through my pink snakeskin clutch for cash, I felt a hand on the small of my back. I turned around and was face to face with a tall, Spanish looking man with curly hair and gorgeous light brown eyes.

He smiled and said, “Can I buy your drink?”

“Um, sure” I replied tossing my hair over my shoulder.

Reese and Paige exchanged knowing glances… this was going to be good!

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05813569901214537725 Shelli Mc.

    whatttt you must tell me more about this event so i can go lol when is it and where is it!!!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00635156115479072527 Stephanie

    I would love to go to this club. Where is it. I know there is one in Long Beach CA for BBW, i live NY so i really want to go!

  • gab

    please please please give us the name of the club? im dying to find a good one in nyc

  • Orange_eleven_

    WOWWW …what happended later with the spanish guy? 😀

  • Autumn Smallwood

    So is this club still around and do you still go there?

  • Millie Mariah

    Ideally this sounds like a perfect evening for a single PSP. But I have been so discouraged from the whole “BBW” scene. I’m no one’s fetish. lol I’m just looking for a guy who finds my body attractive, but more importantly wants to get to know ME! But there’s always tomorrow :)