Plus Size Workout Party in NYC! #PSPfit WERKshop


I love a good win/win situation and I’ve got one for you today!

My NYC Lovelies have been begging me to bring back in-person work out parties, and I understand why; when we’re all in one room giving everything we’ve got it’s pretty much magical.

I can’t promise that in-person workouts are here to stay, but I am looking for a few girls to join me for a 4 week #PSPfit WERKshop in NYC.

The #PSPfit WERKshop is a chance for me to teach you my plus size workout video routines and modifications, see what they look like on bodies that aren’t mine, get feedback, and spend time sweating with body positive women.

I’m looking for girls of ALL shapes, sizes and abilities to join me for an hour on Tuesdays at 7pm for a workout class.

Space is limited.

Sign up here.

As a thank you for your participation, I’m offering 50% off of our time together with code: WERKSHOP.

Join me Here.

p.s. don’t live in NYC? I like that you read along this far lol. Don’t worry I’m cooking up ways to work with you too… just sit tight. xo

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A Plus Size Girl Shopping at Old Navy


Many of us remember a time when Old Navy carried extended sizes. They had size 24 jeans, they had size 3X tops and it was awesome! In high school and college, Old Navy was the one store I felt I could walk into with my skinny friends and be “just like everyone else”, ya know?

Anyway, all of that ended when Old Navy announced that it would no longer carry anything in the store above a XXL and the phantom size 20 pair of jeans. Any clothing in sizes larger than that would be sold online only. My Plus Size Princesses have been salty ever since and rightfully so.

But here’s a fun secret: Old Navy sizes run pretty large, so before I order online, I always do a loop inside their stores to see what I can find and I never leave empty handed. Come inside the dressing room with me to see what worked and a fun/unexpected non-scale victory moment.

p.s. are we snapchat friends? I’m CeCeOlisa on there and I wanna see your faces! xx

Which items did you like?

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Plus Size Workout Video: 3 Minute Motivation Workout #PSPfit


Have you ever had a time when you wanted to work out, maybe you even made your way to the gym, but when you got there, you just didn’t quite have the motivation?

When I get like that, I find myself kind of doing mediocre walks on the treadmill, I’ll spend a few minutes trying to find the “perfect playlist”, I’ll scroll through instagram, I’ll get some water– basically I’ll waste time in the gym because I’m over it.

This happens to me a lot when I travel, even though I know how to work out on my own, without my classes sometimes I feel a bit aimless. So, I’ve been testing out this 3 minute motivation workout whenever I’m away.

The point of this workout is to get my heart rate up quickly. Once my heart starts pumping,  it kind of jolts my body into “crush it” mode and gets me in the mood for a great workout. A list of what I’m doing is below!

30 Seconds – Donkey Kicks

10 second rest

30 Seconds – Skater Leaps

10 second rest

30 Seconds – Star Jump

10 Second Rest

30 Second – Side Lunges

10 Second Rest

30 Second – Mountain Climbers

10 Second Rest

2 minute ab series Here

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Loc Hairstyle Tutorial: Marley Bun on Short Sisterlocks


Can you believe I’ve had my sisterlocks for a year now?

They’re coming in really well and it’s the best decision I’ve made for my hair, I have ZERO regrets. That being said, I do prefer myself with longer hair, so I am oh-so patiently waiting to have chin-length, shoulder-length and ultimately bra-strap length sisterlocks. Until then, I’m enjoying what I have with different styles. Now that my short locs can fit into a mini-ponytail, I’ve been doing some up-do’s with added hair.

Related: Big Girls & Short Hair, My Sisterlocks Installation

Loc Tutorial How to Make a Bun with Short Sister Locks and Marley Hair

Here’s how I do it!

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Plus Size Workout Video: Two Minute Plank (with Modification!)


Here’s a little #PSPfit Monday Motivation for us!

I think by know we all know that holding a plank is great for a strong core. What I’ve learned is that it’s totally okay to take breaks in between your plank cycles, but you want to try to keep your abs engaged to get the most out of your planking.

So for this two minute plank workout, we’ll be doing an active rest using the “downward dog” yoga pose. Try to do this every day for a week when you wake up in the morning and see how you feel!

Details on my plus size workout clothes are below!

Top Here | Leggings Here | Shoes Here | Yoga Mat/Gloves Here | Sports Bra Here

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Squeem Shapewear Review + Giveaway!


I put shape wear in the same category as false eyelashes and hair extensions; they’re all fun accessories that can amp up my look for a night and when I take them off, I should still be happy with who I am.

I can appreciate what shape-wear can do for my outfits, but I also love my “sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on…” body too! For more on celebrating all body shapes, check out an an article I wrote for Bustle about how we shouldn’t value the hourglass figure above others.

That being said, it’s fun to channel my inner va-va-va-voom from time to time, so I’m going to try on some waist cinchers from Squeem on camera so that we can all see how they work. I’ve also got five to give away (enter to win below)!

Order a Squeem “perfect waist” here and a Squeem “miracle vest” here!

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Sponsored by Squeem, All opinions are my own

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