Miami #PSPfit Class: You’re Invited!


Hey Girls,

I’m escaping the NYC cold and heading to Miami for a few days next week. I always host workouts in New York, but I asked a few of you on instagram if we should do a #PSPfit One Song Workout class in Florida and you said yes, so lets do it!

Do you live in the Miami area? I’d love to meet you! I will send specific directions to confirmed participants via email!

What to bring:

  • Workout Clothes (clothes you can move in + sneakers)
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Positive Glittery Vibes

The class will be 45 minutes and afterwards maybe we can all grab a healthy breakfast nearby.  Anyway, if you’d like to participate in the Miami #PSPfit workout, details are below… hope to see you there!

As usual, your participation in #PSPfit events helps us to fund more plus size workout videos

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How to Celebrate Your Friends #BaeDay


Usually we talk about love and dating, but for today’s post I thought we could talk about friendships. Have you ever celebrated a friend just because they needed it?

Each week I document my life on my YouTube channel (subscribe here) and this past week I celebrated BaeDay. Wait– you don’t know what BaeDay is? Oh, that’s probably because its a holiday that I made up with Chastity from GarnerStyle lol.

Bae·Day: noun – a day set aside to celebrate and uplift your friend(s)

For our BaeDay, we did a spa day and then met up with our other bae, Alissa from StylishCurves for dinner. We had some much needed girl talk, we laughed and we just relaxed… it was awesome!
Sometimes, its easy to get so caught up in our own lives and stresses, that we don’t take the time to give kudos to our friends when they need it. It can be as simple as a birthday card or drinks to celebrate a promotion, but I don’t think we should ever skip an opportunity to say “hooray!” to a friend.

Oddly enough, this weeks vlog became an extended BaeDay with all of my friends in NYC who I love so much… I guess every day can be BaeDay! (Chastity and I explain BaeDay in more detail in the video below)

How do you celebrate your friends? Would you plan a BaeDay?


Plus Size Workout Video | Cardio Dance | #PSPfit #LiviLife


Today I posted on my facebook page that working out makes me feel loved and valuable. My body is worth love and good treatment at any size, health and fitness is the best way for me to do that. Ditching a baggy T-shirt and wearing cute plus size workout clothes, is my way of reminding myself that my fitness is just as important as anyone else in the gym.

Creating plus size workout videos for the launch of Lane Bryant’s Livi Active Collection has been a blast!! Thank you to everyone who shared the videos on social media, your support online and in person has been so amazing! Be sure to check out my Launch Party event recap here. Today, I’ve got another workout video for us, a little Cardio Dance… have fun with it (and let me know if it makes you sweat!) xx

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Fitness #PSPfit Plus Size Gym Clothes

Click images below to shop the Livi Active Collection: 30% off Coupon Code JANGIFTLB

You still have time to register for our January #PSPfit Challenge.


#PSPfit Registration Closes Tomorrow


Something I love about the #PSPfit community is that we get hyped for our non-scale victories too. When your health is changing for the better, you can see it in everything even if you never get on the scale. I asked some of the girls from #PSPfit 2014 about their Non-Scale Victories from the challenges and here’s what they had to say:

My relationship with food has completely changed. I’m an emotional eater. Ever since starting #pspfit I really think before I eat. If the hunger is really just stress or boredom I’ll work out for a bit or read a book. -E

CONFIDENCE. I feel better in my skin and finally feel like my beauty can be seen in all parts of me. I feel sexy all the time! Lol. It’s amazing and I never thought I would get to this point. -B

Let’s start with the small things I can tie my shoes without feeling like I am going to die or walk up the stairs without feeling like I am going to faint. Looking myself in the mirror and for the first time in years say ” damn girl that butt looks awesome!!!” I could go on and on but mostly I can say without a shadow of a doubt I am at peace with myself ♥ thank you CeCe and Abra and all of you girls you gave me my life back!!!! -B

I think about food in a much different way. Before I would eat just to eat but now I am very intentional about the amount of food and the quality of the food and the nutrition of the food that is going into my body. This is something I’ve never really been able to achieve before and I’m loving it! -E

As a diabetic my blood sugars have regulated I’ve also found a new love for cooking. -T

Registration for the #PSPfit challenge closes tomorrow and our nutrition coach, Abra is excited to start sending out recipes, meal plans and get to know everyone in the private facebook group. Are you joining us?

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30 Day BootCamp - Join from Any City! Home Page


What We Get:

  • Four Weeks of professional nutrition coaching
  • Four weeks of fitness training
  • “What is Clean Eating?” Guidebook
  • Daily inspirational emails
  • Weekly phone calls with CeCe & Abra Pappa
  • PCOS Support
  • Private Workout Videos (Cardio + Total Body Toning)
  • Recipes
  • Meal Plans
  • Private Facebook Group Access (Daily Inspiration, Support and Accountability)

What We Do:

  • Remove temptation by creating our clean kitchen and pantry
  • Wean ourselves off of unsupportive foods/sugars/toxins/stimulants
  • Cook yummy clean eating recipes
  • Participate in weekly body love exercises
  • Love and support ourselves and each other!
  • Snap #PSPfit photos on instagram when we work out and eat clean

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Event Recap! Livi Active Launch Party #PSPfit + #LiviLife


Each time I do an event, I get nervous that no one will show up, but from the moment I walked into the Newport Centre mall I was met with warm greetings from my blog readers and YouTube subbies. You all put me right at ease, so thank you! There was also a sign with my name on it in the mall,  which made me feel teen pop star… basically a dream come true!

CeCe Olisa #PSPfit Lane Bryant Livi Launch Party

Thank you to everyone who came out to my launch party and the other 150 Lane Bryant locations to celebrate the launch of the Livi Active collection of plus size workout clothes. I made a little event video recap for us, but you can also check out #PSPfit and #LiviLife on instagram for more photos and videos.


Also, thank you to my “in real life” friends Liz, Huanne, Jasmine and Alex– who trekked out to New Jersey to support me, I love you guys!!!

CeCe Olisa Girlfriends

CeCe Olisa Alex #PSPfit #LiviLife


Shop the Livi Active Collection Here

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Is There Such A Thing As Being Fat And Fit?


Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the #PSPfit #LiviLaunch party this weekend at their local Lane Bryant store, I’m working on an event recap now… stay tuned! Now for today’s post:

Every few weeks an unfamiliar face will approach me at the gym. The conversation usually goes something like this,

Them: Hi! So, I just wanted to come over and tell you what an amazing job you’re doing. Keep it up, okay? You’ll get there!

Me: Ummm…okay, thanks!

You see, I am a super-active girl who enjoys dancing, sports, and various bootcamps. I am also plus-size. Most of the regulars at my gym know that I’m the plus-size girl who works out like a beast, so they let me do my thing. But, the people who have recently joined the gym treat me like I’m a walking “before” picture from an episode of The Biggest Loser. But some of us are fat — and fit.

One thing big girls often hear is something to the tune of, “you need to get healthy and lose weight.” It’s usually said as one word: “gethealthyandloseweight.” Statements like this make the assumption that fat and fit are mutually exclusive. They are not. Statements like this make the assumption that skinny and healthy are synonymous. They are not. There are skinny people who have heart attacks, high blood pressure and diabetes. There are fat people who run 5K races, avoid junk food, and get clean bills of health from their doctors.

When I began the healthy curves journey that I call #PSPfit, Plus Size Princess Fitness. I set three goals for myself: eat clean, train dirty, and love myself at any size. I had been working hard to be the skinniest version of myself since I was 12 years old (spoiler alert: I gained more weight than I ever lost), so my commitment to those three things completely changed my mindset and I set out to be the healthiest version of myself.

CeCe Olisa #PSPfit Healthy Curves at Every Size
I was already in the gym four times a week, so that was an easy habit to keep, but I amped up my workouts by adding intense cardio and tons of strength training. Then, I put on an apron and got cooking to ensure processed foods were eliminated from my diet. I also made regular mani/pedi appointments and went shopping for cute plus-size gym clothes (Yep, I took the “love myself” partvery seriously).

My health began to improve in unexpected ways: My skin cleared up, my period became more regular, my eczema went away, my sleep improved, and my energy skyrocketed. Oh, and I lost 55 pounds.

Sure, weight loss was a part of my health improvements, but here’s the thing: In the past, I’ve lost more than 80 pounds and still had bad skin, annoying eczema, and terrible sleep patterns. So, weight isn’t everything. It’s certainly something, but it’s not everything.

I can do jumping jacks, pushups, planks, side planks, swim laps, and keep up in bootcamp classes galore. I eat green smoothies and cook yummy, clean recipes. I life a fit lifestyle, I’ve shed dozens of pounds, and I’m still a big girl. Even though the numbers on the scale continue to slide down, I’m pretty sure that I’ll always be a big girl. So, what does that mean? Is being fit what you look like, or how you live? Is it what size you wear, or what you can do in the gym?

I’m starting to realize that a healthy, fit lifestyle will enable my body to find the appropriate weight for my optimal health. Being healthy and fit is about choices and I’m making good ones. So, the next time a newbie at the gym assures me that I’ll “get there,” I can remind myself that I am already.

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