Plus Size Workout Video: “Body Party” Leg Workout


Usually my plus size workout videos are mostly cardio, but this time I decided to make something different for you. I always blush when you girls compliment my legs. My grandmother was known for her legs, so I’ll give props to genetics, but I maintain what my granny gave me with my #PSPfit workouts. I love a good leg workout, so I made a one song workout for us that’s all legs!

I do these moves on the subway, in line at the grocery store, while I’m washing dishes… whenever!

If you like this workout and want to use it, I’ll send you a free version that you can download and add to your workout video collections. Get it below…

Leggings: Here | Top: Here | Sports Bra: Here | Sneakers: Here | Wireless Headphones: Here

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Have You Ever Dated Someone Who Just…Vanished?


Have you ever had someone “ghost” on you? I’m not talking Patrick Swayze, sappy music, and a pottery wheel. I’m talking about when a guy or girl that you’re dating just disappears off the face of the planet — and you’re left wondering what happened. If I have a first date and the guy never calls back, that’s not ghosting; it’s just life. But, if I’m seeing someone regularly and circumstances or feelings change, I’d like to hope everyone will be grown-up enough to communicate that. When someone ceases communication without warning and you never see them again? That’s a ghost situation.

My ghosting experience happened with Adrian. We had been dating for a few weeks when he asked me to be exclusive. But, of course, there was a catch — he also needed to take a month-long work trip to Turkmenistan to help save the endangered snow leopards. I can’t make this stuff up.

The idea of being exclusive right when Adrian was going to be gone for a month didn’t sit well with me, so I told him I’d rather wait until he returned. The night before his flight, Adrian wanted to sleep with me (one of the intimate perks that, for me, comes with being exclusive) — but I told him that wasn’t going to happen. He was respectful, told me he’d miss me, and promised to e-mail me as soon as he landed the next day. I never heard from Adrian again.

The first few days, I tried not to freak out. I went about my day with a quiet storm of thoughts running through my head: His flight was probably delayed. Maybe he doesn’t have Internet in Turkmenistan. Did I give him the correct email address? What if he’s getting bounce-backs? By week two, I was officially losing my mind. I called his work; when the receptionist answered, I froze. I could have said, “Hello, I’m calling to see if one of your employees was eaten by snow leopards, or if he’s ghosting on me, can you help?” Instead, I hung up the phone and called Ghostbusters, a.k.a. my girlfriends. We spent the night collectively trying to stalk Adrian over cocktails, but we didn’t have much to go on. We decided that closure was needed in the form of one final, saucy voicemail.

I put my phone on speaker and dialed his number. The number was disconnected — Adrian had really vanished. Now, I was angry. I couldn’t believe this was happening. After another round of drinks, we decided that the only thing to do was to offer an “R.I.P.” to that relationship and keep moving. I couldn’t make Adrian call me, and I couldn’t text a snow leopard to see if he had been spotted in the wilderness. The whole situation was out of my hands. I reminded myself that people do crazy things to avoid confrontation.

I decided that I wasn’t going to spend more time mourning Adrian than I spent actually dating him. I snapped out of my funk, and was suddenly grateful. The desire for a relationship can be an overwhelming feeling (more on that single-girl problem here), but I was glad I’d followed my instincts and pumped the brakes when Adrian wanted to be exclusive. Can you imagine how crazy I would have been if I never heard from my “boyfriend” again? I can’t help but wonder if his whole exclusivity chat was just a ploy to hook up before his month out of the country. Who knows?

It all boils down to trust, which for me, has to be earned. I really liked Adrian, but in the few weeks we had been dating, he hadn’t earned the trust required to be my long-distance boyfriend. I could have let my desire for the “girlfriend” title trump my desire to build a long-lasting and real relationship, but instead, I chose to stay single and let Adrian show me just how trustworthy (or not) he could be. He certainly showed me.

Ever had a guy ghost on you?

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Plus Size Fitness Essentials | May 2015



This month’s plus size fitness essentials roundup actually has nothing to do with being plus size because none of these items are size specific! I own each of these products and they make my workout life so much easier, so here’s what I’m loving this month and why:

May Fitness Essentials Plus Size CeCe Olisa (1)


S’well Bottle: I am obsessed with my S’well bottle! It’s a reusable stainless steel water bottle. Keeps drinks cold for 24 hours, hot for 12, non-toxic, non-leaching, and BPA free. Holds 25oz. I take mine to the coffee shop in the morning, fill ‘er up and then when I’m done I rinse it and start filling it with water through the day. 

s'well bottle


Haiku Duffel Bag: I have this bag in pink, obvi :-) My favorite thing about this bag is that the shoe compartment is separate from the clothing area so my NYC dirty shoe bottoms don’t touch my cute dresses. Take the Haiku Sprint Duffel Bag along with you to the gym, or when you’re heading out for an overnight or weekend trip. It is sized to fit in a gym locker, and includes a locker loop so you can hang it to easily access your stuff. Its large zippered main compartment will hold a change of clothes (or two) and a towel, and includes two stretch drop-in pockets, and a separated, ventilated compartment for your shoes. Slide your yoga mat, a jacket, or a rolled towel through the adjustable strap that sits at the top of the bag, and tuck the strap away when you don’t need it.

gym bag


Master Speed Dial Lock: I hate memorizing number combinations and I have lost the keys to my lock twice now– this lock is a live saver for me. World’s first combination lock that opens on up/down/left/right directional movements. So your code could be like “up down up down up down” #Empire lol



Saucony Kinvara 6 Sneakers: These sneakers go all the way up to a size 12 and they’re cute! Mine are orange and I love them for my walks, runs and cardio dance classes. These shoes are light, but they give great support and stability


Plus Size Shopping at Forever 21 | Dressing Room Confidential


I took my camera into the dressing room at Forever 21 for a quick dressing room confidential session. I’m giving F21 props for having maxi dresses that are long enough for me (I’m 5’10).

I also found my new favorite top in the skinny section, so don’t forget to do a loop in sections that aren’t plus, you may find something that fits based on the way its cut!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel here and shop forever 21 plus here!

Oh, and let me know which items you liked in the comments!

Plus Size Shopping at forever 21


3 Healthy Mother’s Day Gifts… Help Me Choose


At this point, my Mom has had plenty of flowers, candy and brunches, so this year I’m taking a healthy angle to her Mother’s Day gift. I need my parents and I want them to be around forever and ever. There are so many healthy splurges out right now that I think my Mom will love even if she wouldn’t get them for herself. So, I’ll be getting them for her! (Yes, Mother– if you’re reading this you’ll be getting one of the following from me in a few days).

Plus Size Mother's Day Gift Healthy CeCe Olisa #PSPfit

Help me choose… what should I get my Mom for Mother’s Day?


Fitbit Charge HR: A simple goal of 10,000 steps can change everything if you’re looking to be more active. Tracking your steps can be the encouragement Mom needs to park a little further out in the parking lot or take an afternoon stroll!

  • Accurately track all-day stats like steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, stairs climbed, and active minutes
  • See daily stats, time of day, and exercise mode with a bright OLED display
  • Monitor your sleep automatically and wake with a silent alarm
  • Get call notifications right on your wrist
  • Access real-time run stats like time, distance, and pace to stay on track
  • Sync stats wirelessly and automatically to your computer and over 120 leading smartphones

#PSPfit Fitbit Charge HR Plus Size Fitness CeCe Olisa


New Plus Size Workout Clothes: We already know that big girls do workout and I’m pretty sure that being a plus size Mom makes you more active than most! Use Code MAYGIFTLB and get $75 of plus size workout clothes for $50, $150 for $100 or $225 of workout clothes for $150!
cece olisa livi life plus size workout clothes
Nutribullet: I am obsessed with my nutribullet! This is the easiest appliance to use and I get the most benefit from it– I literally have no excuse not to rock my green smoothies and get my veggies in. Mom can take this on the go and it comes with a hard cover cookbook with fun recipes that kids will love too!
cece olisa nutribullet #PSPfit plus size fitness

Which would you get for your mom? What should I get for mine?


$500 Bloomingdales Giveaway! #PVCurvyChic


I’m super excited to announce a contest I’m working on with Polyvore. In case you’re unfamiliar, Polyvore is a site where people can give and receive styling advice from a global community of stylists. They recently announced a new category, Plus Size!

Fun Fact: If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning, I used to use polyvore sets when I was too shy to take outfit pictures!

As part of my collaboration with the Polyvore team, they’ve posted more about me on their site here. Along with my profile, check out some of my favorite Plus Size styles.

Curvy Chic With CeCe of Plus Size Princess


Since Polyvore launched Plus Size, I’ve had fun checking out all the stylish outfits. To help kick-off Polyvore’s Plus Size launch, Polyvore has organized a contest inspired by my style. This is where you come in!

I’ve chosen a Nautical theme because I love stripes, anchors and the combination of pink and navy. Now it’s up to you to create an outfit around my nautical theme. I’ll pick a winner and they will receive $500 to Bloomingdales!

To enter, create a Polyvore account if you haven’t already.

      • Enter my contest here and click “Create Set” to build an outfit using some of my inspirational items like striped dresses and anything with anchors on it.

      • When you’re done, click ‘Publish’ to enter the contest. Don’t forget to share your outfit on social, use the hashtag #PVCurvyChic and tag me (instagram: @ceceolisa) so I can check out your outfits.

      • At the end of the 5-days, I’ll pick a winner who will receive a $500 gift card to Bloomingdales!

        Happy styling!