Plus Size Olivia Pope Coats? Its Handled!



Plus Size Olivia Pope Coat | Floppy Hat (Big Head Friendly) | Wide Width Teal Heels | Plus Size Stockings

After I got my colorful plus size coat game together, I thought I was done for the season, but… I’m a sucker for a chic coat, Olivia Pope style! For me an “Olivia Pope Coat” must be tailored well and have really nice details.

This is a simple black coat but the way its constructed makes it a stand out piece. The high-low hem line and the asymmetrical zipper detail are enough to take this coat to the Olivia Pope level for me. This coat is sized 1X, 2X, 3X so I’d recommend ordering based on your dress size. For example, I’m a size 18 in dresses so I ordered a 2X and it fits well with room for layering.

Also, I found a floppy hat to fit my big head– score!!! Here are a few other plus size statement coats that I’m loving. Click the image for pricing on each item:



One Song Workout: Star Jump Drill | #PSPfit


Star jumps!!! Have you ever done them?

I love Star Jumps because they engage my entire body. It seems simple enough, jump in the air and extend your limbs as much as possible to create a “star” shape with your body but do a few star jumps and you’ll see how intense they can be!

Today’s one song workout slowly eases me into a Star Jump Drill. Feel free to get up and workout with me! Links to my plus size workout clothes are below.

Plus Size Workout Tank | Plus Size Workout Legging | Wide Width Workout Shoes | Sports Bra DDD


What Happened When I Used A Full-Body Pic On A Dating Site


It took months for me to finally upload a full-body photo to my online-dating profile. Because I’m plus-sized, I figured that a head-to-toe picture would prevent men from messaging me; I assumed cute, up-close selfies would work in my favor — but, boy, did I misjudge that one.

I had heard people say I have a pretty face (the classic “big girl” compliment), so in the beginning, my dating profile pictures highlighted my face — and cut off my body. I usually made sure to include my chest, since, well, that was another area that usually got attention. You know the photo I’m talking about: the selfie taken from a perfect, slightly raised, double-chin-hiding angle — cropped just below the chest.

Putting those assets proudly out there felt like I was presenting the best version of myself — not unlike the way we put our best foot forward when interviewing for a job, right? Could what I was doing really be considered lying if my (innocent) goal was to give a strong first impression?

At first, this approach seemed fine. Many guys messaged me, and while we were flirting I’d always send over a head-to-toe photo of me in a cute outfit — so I wouldn’t shock them when we met in person. That’s when things would get awkward. Some guys would stop texting me; the others made it obvious that they only wanted to hook up. I’d been chatting with one guy regularly, but after I sent the full-body photo, he went from calling me every night (to ask how my day was) to sending messages at 1 a.m. (to ask whether I was dominant in bed).

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What Happened When I Used A Full-Body Pic On A Dating Site

I was frustrated beyond belief. It became exhausting to sense chemistry with someone and then have to wonder if everything would change once he saw my body. It almost made me want to stop dating online altogether. But, that was before I stopped to consider: Was I doing this right?

To find out, I decided to re-do my profile. I was still eager to present my best self, but this time with honesty and integrity. So, I added five full-body photos to my dating profile, and the results were somewhat surprising: read more..


#PSPfit Plus Size Fitness Bootcamp 2015 Announcements!


Hey Lovelies,

Just wanted to give you a run down of what’s coming for #PSPfit: Plus Size Princess Fitness Challenge in 2015 so that we can mark your calendars! For those of you who are new to this site and are wondering what #PSPfit is; a few times a year we all get together to access professional nutrition and fitness coaching at a super discounted rate. #PSPfit is done online, so we all participate from different countries and cities. You can read the full #PSPfit story here.

Okay I have lots of announcements, so bear with me!

#PSPfit Challenge is now Online Only

It was a hard decision to cancel the NYC “in person” meet ups during bootcamps but now we can spend time making more private workout videos and give more equal attention to my bootcamp babes who dont live in NYC via the private facebook groups. Someone asked if I would come to their city and teach them my One-Song Workouts like Bang Bang and Come get it Bae– I LOVE that idea so maybe we can work on getting some official meetups in different cities someday *fingers crossed*

January 10th – Save the Date

I can’t say too much right now, but if you live in the United States save January 10th on your calendar, no matter where you live. I know we all want to start January strong so we’re cooking up something to help us all commit to Healthy Curves at Every Size in 2015. More details soon, I promise!

#PSPfit: Body Love Bootcamp (Jan-Feb 2015)

I am so excited about doing this Valentines day themed healthy living challenge with you girls, I can’t handle it! We’re going to eat well and workout because we love our bodies, not because we hate them! *throws heart shaped glitter in the air*

  • Registration Dates: January 1st-January 15th
  • Bootcamp Dates: January 15th-Valentines Day
  • In addition to nutrition coaching, meal plans and private workout videos we’re going to really focus on loving ourselves and loving our bodies by addressing things like confidence and body image

So much of a healthy lifestyle begins when our hearts are in the right place, so if you’re looking to embrace yourself in 2015 we’d love to have you. Also, if you’ve been nervous about joining us for #PSPfit challenges in the past, the January bootcamps are when we provide a lot of “hand holding” so we’re here for you if you think you’re ready. Pre-Register Here

2015 #PSPfit T-Shirts Available Now!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who made the one-song workouts possible by ordering 2014 #PSPfit shirts. We want to keep making videos for everyone, so if you’re able to support #PSPfit with a $20 Tshirt, that would be awesome! Everyone who orders a 2015 #PSPfit Tshirt will be entered to win a complimentary bootcamp membership during all three cycles of #PSPfit in 2015.

You can reserve your shirt here (Girly fit up to XXL, Loose fit up to 4XL, the shirts run small, but I like my XXL fit)

2015 tshirt #PSPfit Plus Size Fitness


That’s all for now! Most questions about the #PSPfit challenge and how bootcamp works can be answered on the #PSPfit FAQ’s page

Can’t wait to get together again in January! xx


Faux Real: 15 Plus Size Faux Fur Pieces



Vest (back in stock) Here  | Dress Here | Boots Here | Socks Here | Bag Here

I’m having so much fun with plus size faux fur this season! I took advantage of a rare mild weather day by throwing a comfy shearling vest over a bodycon dress. There are so many ways to spruce up your wardrobe with faux fur pieces. I like to attach faux fur collars to my more simple coats. Layering thick fur vests underneath coats on freezing days is way more fun than a boring cardigan and then when I really want to feel glam its time to whip out a full faux fur coat like I did for the HolidayCurves lookbook.

If you’re looking for cute plus size fur pieces, I’ve got a few options for you below. Click on each image for pricing and store details!


How People See You When You’re Big and Black…


I’ve had some thoughts whirling around in my head over the past week and I’m going to attempt to share them here… hopefully what I’m trying to say makes sense. I just really think its important to remember that biases and prejudices don’t always show up in the form of a disgusting act that makes the news. Sometimes those things are found in the everyday ways that we treat people. And maybe if we were a little more mindful, we would treat people better.

As I watched the footage of Eric Garner’s murder I started thinking about my experiences at the intersection of size prejudice and racial prejudice. Some of you may identify with some or all of my experiences, some of you may have no idea what I’m talking about and that’s totally fine.

I’m big, I’m black and I’ve become well aware of how those things shape the way people see me, what they assume about me and how they treat me.

on being big and black 2

On Being Big…

My first vivid memories of body shame came in fourth grade. At nine years old, I was both tall and chubby and that year for whatever reason, at recess kids in my class were constantly jumping on my back for piggy back rides without my permission, I guess they assumed I could handle their weight. They thought it was fun, I hated it.

One day we all filed into our cafetorium for a music assembly. As I sat giggling with my friends, a smaller girl from my class complained to the teacher that she could not see anything because she was sitting behind me. My teacher promptly instructed me to sit in the very back, behind all of the other students so that they could see the show. I sat in the back row alone, put my head down and cried.

Between the piggy back rides at recess and being sent to the back row, the body shame began to set in. I felt like I was being punished for my size. Now that I’m older, I wonder why the teacher didn’t move the smaller girl to the front row, instead of banishing me all the way to the back.

On being black…

I went to a predominantly white school and I’m pretty sure I spent all of third grade being racially profiled by my teacher. As an eight year old, it was hard to understand why Mrs. [Redacted] was always read more..

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