Event Announcement: theCURVYcon


I’m happy to share some exciting news with you girls! Chastity Garner, from Garner Style and I have put together an event that we’re calling theCURVYcon.

theCURVYcon is a one day event in NYC where we can Shop Curvy. Chat Curvy. Embrace Curvy. 

The day will be filled with panels from our favorite bloggers, YouTubers and fashionistas. There will also be plus size fashion showcases and of course… shopping!

We’re hard at work over here to make this event fabulous and chic and I really hope all of you can make it to NYC for this amazing day!  Here are the details:

What: theCURVYcon

When: June 20, 2015

Where: Metropolitan Pavillon West in New York City

Our first round of VIP tickets will go on sale March 13th at midnight, but you must be a CurvyVIP for access.

Become a CurvyVIP here.


Couples Yoga! #PSPfit


Mr. Man told me to be ready at 4:30 for my Valentine’s Day surprise. Just as I was putting the finishing touches on my outfit (thanks to everyone who helped me choose!) he called me and said “whatever you’re wearing take it off, pack it in a bag for later and put on some workout clothes.”

An hour and a subway ride later, he walked me into a yoga studio with roses and candles everywhere… my Valentine’s Day surprise was a couples yoga class!

Let me start by saying that Mr. Man is not the “yoga type” at all. I’ve suggested that he come to a yoga class with me and he wasn’t completely thrilled with the idea. I actually didn’t even know couples yoga was a thing, but I guess he’d been researching it on the low *cheesy grin*

Doing a Yoga practice with my honey was a really cool experience, using him for balance and deeper stretches made the session really impactful. I was able to get into certain poses more easily because he was there with me. Its definitely something I’d do again.

Something I shared with the #PSPfit bootcamp babes is that even though our fitness journey begins and ends with us, there are times when the people we’re in relationships with need to be involved with what we’re doing. Maybe its asking a friend to go walking instead of going to Happy Hour, asking a spouse to find room in the budget for our gym membership or asking coworkers to order you a fruit tray instead of a birthday cake. Sometimes we need to tell the people in our lives what we need from them to help us stay on our path… it can be awkward to ask, but the people who truly love us will always be happy to help us do/be better.

In my case, I was finding that Mr. Man is super supportive and always behind me as I go deeper into my #PSPfit lifestyle, but every once in a while I need him next to me. The fact that he chose V-Day to show his solidarity to my healthy curves journey was just… everything.

At the end of this weeks vlog, you’ll see the Valentine’s Day dress I chose and my giddy face at our couples yoga session… Subscribe to my YouTube channel here


Which Dress Should I Wear for Valentine’s Day?


Hi Girls! Are you all set with your plans for this long weekend?

After going through Last minute Valentine’s Day Dresses, I ordered a some cute pieces and now I need to narrow them down. Vday falls on a Saturday, which means we don’t have to worry about dressing for both the office and date night. We can be as cute and/or sexy as we want to be tomorrow *body roll*

I made a little YouTube video below with four different dresses I have on deck for tomorrow night, I’m hoping you guys will let me know which dress you think I should wear. Links to the dresses and shoes are down at the bottom (sorry the necklace is sold out).

Help Me Choose my Valentine's Day Dress.jpg


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Shoes: Here | Necklace (sold out) | Dress One: Here | Dress Two: Here | Dress Three: Here | Dress Four: Here

Sooo… Which Dress Should I Wear for Valentine’s Day?


Don’t Wait on Your Weight to Travel: Miami


For a very long time I felt that certain trips should be saved for when I looked a certain way. I would tell myself things like “when I fit into a bikini, I will go to Jamaica/Hawaii/Miami/Mexico”.

Even though I’ve got the gumption now to book trips to those places, I still have to push through nerves and body insecurity once I get there. That first moment by the pool when I take off my cover-up is never easy, no matter how many times I’ve done it.

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It always feels like everyone is looking at me and if I hear laughter in the distance, I still tense up, wondering if someone is laughing at me. As many times as I’ve had an internal freak out moment, no one has ever been laughing at me; if anything when I confidently rock my warm weather clothes (mini-dresses, bare arms, bikinis, etc.) people are kind and complimentary.

We are worthy of fun trips and weekends away with friends at any size. We work hard, we deserve to enjoy life now, no matter what we look like. Also, if you’re waiting to fit into a bikini… you already do thanks to GabiFresh!

Dont Wait on Your Weight to Travel Miami (1)

I vlogged my trip to Miami last week and the weekend was nothing but a celebration of warm weather, good friends, family and loving my body through fitness and fashion. If there’s a trip you’re thinking about taking this summer, do it! Don’t Wait on your Weight to Travel!

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Do you have any fun trips planned this summer?

Also, I was really happy to use the AT&T Drive Mode app. We used the app while we drove around Miami because it really makes no sense to eat healthy and work out… only to get in the car and put lives at risk. So, if you live in a city where you drive a lot I urge you to download the DriveMode app on your device. Like AT&T says, it can wait!


How to Have an Awesome Valentines Day When You’re Single


It was so annoying when I was single and my friends were in relationships. Even if I didn’t notice the difference in our relationship status the rest of the year, on February 14th, there was no escaping the fact that they had a bae and I did not. The weekends away, the roses, the awesome dates… and I was just at home like

Especially with Valentines Day falling on a weekend this year, instead of one day of “have fun, everyone but me!” it can can feel like an entire weekend of “womp womp!” for single girls, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m all about celebrating love, period (family, friends, self) so here’s a weekend itinerary for an awesome Single Girls Valentines Day:

How to Have an Awesome Valentines Day When You're Single


Manicures! I know a lot of couples do the massage thing for V-Day, so I’d skip that but I think nail salons are pretty much a date-free zone during V-day weekend. Go and get a fun design, or if you don’t want to shell out the $$ for professional nail art, order some nail wraps in a fun design here and do it yourself!

Movies! There are a few movies coming out on Friday including “The Last 5 Years” based on one of my favorite musicals and certain movie might be *ahem* all shades of fun to see. If none of the new releases sound good, fire up nexflix; some of my favorite romantic movies are Baz Luhrman’s Romeo & Juliet, Dirty Dancing, Love & Basketball and The Notebook, obvi.


Morning Yoga! I don’t think any Valentine’s Day dates will start before 12pm, so a morning yoga class should be a great way to avoid couples and give a little love and attention to your body #PSPfit! I’ll be inviting my girlfriends to take yoga with me before I start getting ready for my night with Mr. Man.

Make a Yummy Meal! Restaurants are going to be nuts, so I’d say either grab some chipotle and call it a day or maybe try to cook one of the many pinterest recipes you’ve pinned, but haven’t actually made yet.

Wine & Chocolate: I love pairing wine with chocolate, its so decadent and fun. You can do this based on your budget; a cheap $12 bottle of red wine and dove chocolate from the drugstore, or you can go for a more expensive bottle and Godiva, do what works for you!

side note: I’d say wine & chocolate is a good idea for a group of girlfriends, instead of a solo thing. I don’t know about you, but being alone with a bottle of wine and a box of candy could mean a slippery slope from cute to catastrophe! lol


Brunch!!! Brunch is a great way for girlfriends to get together and dish about V-Day dates (or lack-thereof) over mimosas. Brunch is my favorite meal, so I’ve actually asked Mr. Man to come to brunch with my girlfriends this Sunday as part of our V-Day weekend plans. I’ve always done something with my girls for V-day and I don’t want to break that tradition.

What would you add to the list?

Whatever we do this weekend, the most important person to show love to is ourselves. Once we have a great relationship with ourselves, everything else is a breeze!


Plus Size Fitness Spotlight: @BestKimEver | #PSPfit


Big girls DO work out, yes ma’am!

Someone tweeted me this video of Kim Love doing one of our #PSPfit plus size workout videos and I fell in love with her immediately.

Kim is living fearlessly on her YouTube channel and her energy and spirit is infectious. It’s inspiring to see #PSPfit girls of different body types and shapes moving their bodies and taking control of their health.

Also, special thanks to thepaintedlipsproject for suggesting the #PSPfit workouts to Kim. She is GORGEOUS and has some great YouTube videos also!

Let’s watch Kim crush her #PSPfit one song workout and then challenge herself to do more… its amazing. Please show her some love in the comments and subscribe to her channel here!

The next #PSPfit bootcamp begins May 1st, pre-register here


Here is the original #PSPfit workout video…