Date Night: Sam Smith Concert | Vlog #15


Last week, Mr. Man and I went to see Sam Smith at Madison Square Garden. The concert was amazing (footage below). Something Sam Smith said during the concert was that just 18 months ago he played a show in New York… at the Mercury Lounge. For those who don’t live in NYC, the Mercury Lounge holds 250 people and Madison Square Garden holds over 18,000 people.

Yeah. Crazy, right?!

If you have a goal, a vision or a dream even if it seems weird or no one understands it, I encourage you not to let go of it. Do the little things you can to affirm your dreams and eventually the path will open up.

Anyway, here’s this week’s vlog. You can hear a snippet of the concert and tag along on our date night a bit as well as see the other highlights of my week– hope you like it! xx


5 Healthy Snacks to Bring on the Plane | #PSPfit


Dear CeCe,

I’m trying to live a more healthy lifestyle, but I travel a lot for work. I know airport food is bad for me, but sometimes its all I have time to grab. Any ideas? -LC

Hi LC!

We talk about this a lot during #PSPfit bootcamp, so I know the healthy airport struggle is real. There are actually a lot of non-liquid things that we can bring through the TSA checkpoint with no problems, quick tip: avoid foil so that you don’t run into issues when they x-ray your bags. I’m boycotting winter and heading to Miami for a few days * throws glitter* here’s what I’m bringing on the plane:

5 Healthy Snacks For the plane #PSPfit CeCe Olisa

Chicken or Salmon

These days there is at least one airplane vendor with a side salad for sale. I like to bring some grilled chicken or salmon, throw it over my airport side salad and boom… quick and healthy airport lunch!

Oatmeal Packets

There will always be a coffee/tea vendor in the airport, so bring some organic oatmeal packets ask for a cup of hot water from Starbucks and pour it in. I like to ask for a “tall” cup of hot water in a “grande” cup so that I have room to stir in my oatmeal without spilling it everywhere.

Vega Protein Shakes

I also keep packets of Vega Protein Powder in my suitcase along with a Blender Bottle. I drink these after I workout at the hotel, so I use them throughout my trip but in a pinch I’ve made a little shake in the airport to keep me away from the cinnabon counter. I prefer to make vega shakes with almond milk, but I’ll use water too if I have to.


Hummus is a great snack for the plane. I like to dip veggies or dates in my hummus. Also, if you’re doing the salmon and garden salad thing, hummus can be a good salad dressing alternative.

Sunflower Seeds & Cranberries

I never thought I’d be a “nuts and berries” type of girl, but I love to make a simple trail mix of roasted sunflower seeds and organic dried cranberries when I travel. I usually put it in a ziplock bag and carry it with me in my purse. Its easy an easy snack for the plane and when I’m on my trip, a handful keeps me from getting ravenous and making unsupportive food choices.

Hope that helps… what healthy snacks do you ladies bring on the plane?


Plus Size Fashion: Are Big Girls too “Picky”?


There is a nasty rumor going around about plus size women as shoppers… we don’t shop.

Now, when I first heard this rumor a few years ago I was totally offended. Then I began to observe myself as I walked through stores and clicked around online. To my horror, I realized that while my skinny friends would see something they liked and buy it. I had some huge hurdles that made me the pickiest (non)shopper ever! I’ve listed my major hurdles below.

Plus Size Fashion Are Big Girls too Picky CeCe Olisa

It’s too expensive…

A few years ago, if something was over $75 it was really hard for me to purchase it. I hated the idea of spending $200 on an awesome piece when in the next 2 months, I was probably going to lose 100 pounds and then my pricey garment would be too big on me (…yeah, that never happened). I’d tell myself that when I lost weight I’d invest in more quality stuff, but then I had to ask myself, don’t I deserve quality stuff now? Isn’t it better to buy one killer $100 dress than five $20 dresses that fall apart if I sneeze too hard? Over time I realized that waiting until I reached to a certain weight to buy nice clothes is a form of body shaming myself. So now, I save up, use coupons and buy what I like… then I take it to consignment when it gets too big so that someone else can enjoy it and I get a little cash back that I can use to purchase my next killer garment.

I wish…

I wish I could find runway looks in my size… I was a constant wish shopper. I had this imaginary wardrobe full of lush plus size clothes from top designers, but hello– if I wouldn’t spend more than $75 on a dress, who was I fooling with my pinterest board fashion sense trying to act like I would drop coins on D&G? Instead of begging mainstream designers to make clothes for me,  I opened my eyes to the designers big and small who put in work to design fashionable plus size clothing and then, I opened my wallet and I supported them. It felt good to have well made pieces that I could style and restyle each season and shopping with plus size indie designers makes a girl feel like she has one of a kind garments.

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I Hope They Get it Right Someday…

I used to take a glance at a new plus size line and if it wasn’t pure perfection, I would write it off completely and hope that the designer would “get it right someday”. My skinny friends don’t expect to find all of their clothing needs from one store/designer… so why should I? Frankly, I spent all of my teen years shopping in a store for middle-aged moms and I still looked fly, so SURELY I can find ONE piece in a plus size collection to purchase and look good in. Maybe my selection will nudge the designer in the right direction… I mean, if their trendiest item sells out and the grey colored tent shirts collect dust on the shelves… that’s a clear message! Then maybe next season they’ll make more trendy plus size pieces (*ahem* ya’ll probably know what situation I’m referring to).

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Once I realized that being a picky shopper was the very reason people are hesitant to make clothes in my size, I purposefully found a way to support plus size designers, retailers and brands whenever I could. I made a choice to support the plus size fashion community and when I figured out what was available to me, I never felt like I was settling. I just bought what worked for me and skipped the rest. The way I see it; when we don’t buy anything, we send the message that we don’t want anything and then the few options we have vanish.

…Thoughts?? When it comes to fashion, are big girls too picky?

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Miami #PSPfit Class: You’re Invited!


Hey Girls,

I’m escaping the NYC cold and heading to Miami for a few days next week. I always host workouts in New York, but I asked a few of you on instagram if we should do a #PSPfit One Song Workout class in Florida and you said yes, so lets do it!

Do you live in the Miami area? I’d love to meet you! I will send specific directions to confirmed participants via email!

What to bring:

  • Workout Clothes (clothes you can move in + sneakers)
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Positive Glittery Vibes

The class will be 45 minutes and afterwards maybe we can all grab a healthy breakfast nearby.  Anyway, if you’d like to participate in the Miami #PSPfit workout, details are below… hope to see you there!

As usual, your participation in #PSPfit events helps us to fund more plus size workout videos

Attendees agree to our Terms of Service



How to Celebrate Your Friends #BaeDay


Usually we talk about love and dating, but for today’s post I thought we could talk about friendships. Have you ever celebrated a friend just because they needed it?

Each week I document my life on my YouTube channel (subscribe here) and this past week I celebrated BaeDay. Wait– you don’t know what BaeDay is? Oh, that’s probably because its a holiday that I made up with Chastity from GarnerStyle lol.

Bae·Day: noun – a day set aside to celebrate and uplift your friend(s)

For our BaeDay, we did a spa day and then met up with our other bae, Alissa from StylishCurves for dinner. We had some much needed girl talk, we laughed and we just relaxed… it was awesome!
Sometimes, its easy to get so caught up in our own lives and stresses, that we don’t take the time to give kudos to our friends when they need it. It can be as simple as a birthday card or drinks to celebrate a promotion, but I don’t think we should ever skip an opportunity to say “hooray!” to a friend.

Oddly enough, this weeks vlog became an extended BaeDay with all of my friends in NYC who I love so much… I guess every day can be BaeDay! (Chastity and I explain BaeDay in more detail in the video below)

How do you celebrate your friends? Would you plan a BaeDay?


Plus Size Workout Video | Cardio Dance | #PSPfit #LiviLife


Today I posted on my facebook page that working out makes me feel loved and valuable. My body is worth love and good treatment at any size, health and fitness is the best way for me to do that. Ditching a baggy T-shirt and wearing cute plus size workout clothes, is my way of reminding myself that my fitness is just as important as anyone else in the gym.

Creating plus size workout videos for the launch of Lane Bryant’s Livi Active Collection has been a blast!! Thank you to everyone who shared the videos on social media, your support online and in person has been so amazing! Be sure to check out my Launch Party event recap here. Today, I’ve got another workout video for us, a little Cardio Dance… have fun with it (and let me know if it makes you sweat!) xx

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Fitness #PSPfit Plus Size Gym Clothes

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You still have time to register for our January #PSPfit Challenge.