Fall Uniform: Sweater, Skirt & Wide Calf Boots


CeCe Olisa Plus Size Fall

I’m dressed up like an autumn leaf… and I’m okay with that!

Autumn in New York is my favorite time of year. Living in a city with four seasons, I really get to soak in the beauty of watching the leaves change colors and I love it.

What better way to embrace fall than to rock fall colors?

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Fashion Blogger

Gold, Red and Brown aren’t colors that I wear often but putting them together on a fall day makes for an easy, yet magical look.

This short sleeved turtleneck has a cute keyhole cutout in the back and it’s a perfect transitional sweater for days when it’s chilly in the morning but warms up in the afternoon.

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Fall Fashion


Sweater Lane Bryant | Belt (Similar) Here | Skirt Lane Bryant | Boots SimplyBe


3 Ways To Have A Better Workout No Matter How Fit You Are — Or Aren’t


Last week, I walked into a new dance class confident I was about to get a good workout — and that I could keep up with the others. 
Instead, the classed moved quickly with little instruction, and I saw my classmates expertly perform the routine while I flailed my arms and legs awkwardly. It was not what I was expecting.

Group fitness classes can be great, but taking an open level class often means there are some moves I’m not quite ready for. All of our bodies have limitations, no matter how athletic we are (or aren’t) and we should never be ashamed — or worse, stop going to fitness classes — just because we need a modification or two. I love creating plus-size workout videos and I don’t let my size keep me from doing high-level workouts, in spite of the challenge. Just last week, I tried a new dance class that moved quickly with little instruction, but I got through it.

If this sounds familiar, and you’ve been skipping classes because you’re afraid of messing up in a group setting, follow these three tips and you’ll have a great, heart-pumping workout

Get To Class Early
Arrive a few minutes early and let the instructor know of any injuries, limitations, or personal fitness challenges. If it’s your first class with the instructor or your first class of this type, just let him or her know before the music starts and the routine begins. Introducing yourself is an easy way to ensure you get a little extra attention and the one-on-one interaction may make you more comfortable with the instructor throughout the duration of the class — even if you can’t do every single move he or she’s demonstrating.
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Speak Up
Fitness instructors are paid to teach and they love sharing their knowledge. If you are confused by a particular move, speak up. In a recent kettlebell class, I was instructed to “deadlift” and was totally confused. I raised my hand and simply said, “Sorry, I’ve never done that before.” My teacher was more than willing to help me out, and I got a quick private tutorial while everyone else did reps.
Do Your Own Thing
Keep trying and stick with the class, even if you are struggling to keep the pace. The most important thing in a cardio class is not to perfect every single detailed move, but to simply keep moving.

Can’t do jumping jacks? March in place and pump your arms. Can’t follow complicated choreography? Shake your butt and have fun! You’re investing time and money into your health, so try to get the most out of every minute. Who cares if it’s not perfect? The main thing to remember is that very few people join a fitness class knowing how to do everything and I guarantee there are other people in the class faking their way through some of the moves, too.

You know what your body can do, so work with what you’ve got until you are stronger, can do more, and have had enough practice to nail the routine.

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6 Plus Size Motorcycle Jackets (Genuine & Faux Leather Options!)


A motorcycle jacket is one of my favorite Fall transition pieces.

A biker jacket can be versatile; throw it on over a pair of jeans, a mini dress or a tutu. I always have fun wearing jackets like this because it adds an edgy feel to my mostly soft/girly style. Faux/Genuine leather jackets are also layerable (is that even a word? lol) one of my favorite looks is a moto jacket with a fur vest over it because it’s “hard” and “soft” at the same time.

Today I’ve got seven plus size moto jackets in a variety of styles, prices and colors. As always I’ve got faux options for my animal friendly girls too, check them out below!

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Moto Jacket Faux Leather Genuine LeatherJacket Here | Top (similar) Here | Jeans Here | Shoes Here

Plus Size Suede Biker Jacket with Fringe

plus size suede jacket with fringe

Good news! This jacket is on sale now, grab it here

Faux Leather Plus Size Moto Jacket with Hardware 

plus size blue motorcycle jacket

Jacket available here (Coupon Code: SEPTGIFTLB)

Classic Faux Leather Moto Jacket

plus size black faux moto jacket

Jacket available here (Coupon code: PLAY)

Plus Saidi Faux Leather Jacket

plus size faux leather drape jacket

This draping has a great relaxed shape around the waist. Available here

Lauren Ralph Lauren Plus Size Red Moto Jacket

red leather jacket plus size

Jacket Available here (Currently on sale!)

Asymmetrical Plus Size Leather Moto Jacket

plus size genuine leather moto jacket

Perfect classic leather moto. Available Here



#PSPfit Online Clean Eating & Fitness Bootcamp – Don’t Miss Out!



I’m happy to announce that #PSPfit Bootcamp is coming back this fall! Our online bootcamp is open to anyone in any country, city or state. Bootcamp runs from October 19th-November 20th and and we’ve got surprise goodies for anyone who joins by October 10th. Want in? Send Me Your Info!

What is #PSPfit bootcamp?

#PSPfit Bootcamp is a 30 day online clean eating and fitness program for body positive women around the world. You get: 

*Private Plus Size Workout Videos

*Meal Plans & Recipes

*Nutrition Coaching with Abra Pappa

*Fitness Coaching with Jayson Leysenring and Emily Cook-Harris

*Weekly Coaching Calls

*a Private Facebook Community of body positive women (they are the best ever!!)

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Workout Videos #PSPfitWhen you join #PSPfit bootcamp, you get a six week series of private plus size workout videos designed for all body types, levels and abilities. Each workout video includes modifications. Created by CeCe Olisa and Personal Trainer, Emily Cook-Harris…   CeCe Olisa Plus Size Workout Videos #PSPfitWe send you weekly meal plans and grocery lists designed by Nutrition Coach,  Abra Pappa. This way you walk into the grocery store with no distractions, knowing exactly what you need. Clean Eating Grocery Lists Created by Abra Pappa #PSPfit Plus Size FitnessOur Nutrition Coach, Abra also creates meal plans with delicious recipes that are plant based, vegetarian/vegan friendly and delicious. When you warm up your lunch at work, your co-workers will be jealous! Plus Size Fitness Clean Eating Recipes #PSPfit CeCe OlisaAs a bonus we have a private, members only facebook community. This is where you will find 24 hour support as we share our triumphs, struggles and helpful tips. You’ve never met so many amazing body positive women. Lots of #PSPfit bootcamp babes become “real life” friends too, we can’t get enough of eachother! placeit I have more fun goodies in store for the Fall cycle of #PSPfit. Be sure to send me your infoso you don’t miss a thing!

Want In? Click Here!


The Perfect Plus Size Cape Blazer


Blazers have never been my thing, but can we discuss how this plus size cape blazer changed the game for me?

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Capelet

My arms feel free and unrestricted and it amps up the simplest outfit. I can guarantee that you’ll be seeing me in this blazer a lot. It feels great to wear. You can pair a cape blazer with jeans, a jumpsuit a body con dress or even wide leg pants.

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Cape BlazerPlus Size Cape Blazer Here | Plus Size Skinny Jeans Here | Wide Width Nude Heels Here | Watch Here

I’ve been chatting with some of my plus size blogger friends about cape blazers and construction seems to be the key to making this look work. Below are a few cape blazer options. I wanted the cape to lay properly on my shoulders and not fly/slide back all the time, so I got this one in a size larger. Would you rock this look?

Thanks, Ms. Lydia Hudgens for the photo snaps


#PSPfit WERKshop Recap! | Plus Size Workout Class


Thank you to everyone who came out for my #PSPfit WERKshop this week, you ladies are helping me so much!

The girls who came out were super supportive of eachother and open to my silliness, here’s a quick video recap of our class. If you’re still interested in joining us, I’ve opened up some more walk-in slots for this month. I’ve also added discounted spaces for the October WERKshop.

Again, I’m interested in working with women of all shapes, sizes and abilities– the more diversity we have, the better!

You can reserve your discounted tickets for our October WERKshop now. Use code WERKSHOP for 50% off of all four classes.

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